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Coaching Education Program

With the explosive growth of the sport of lacrosse around the country, the need for knowledgeable and experienced coaches is greater than ever before. The US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program is the surest way to access everything you need to know to be a great lacrosse coach. Learn the art of effective lacrosse coaching with this nationally-recognized program designed by experts in the field.

The US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program is broken down into three levels, fundamental (Level 1), intermediate (Level 2) and advanced (Level 3) coaching. It is our vision that all lacrosse teams are led by US Lacrosse certified coaches for the benefit and quality of our sport.

Coaching Education Program Certification Requirements

Level 1
Level 2
Level 1 certification plus
Level 3
Level 2 certification plus
US Lacrosse membershipUS Lacrosse membershipUS Lacrosse membership
NCSI background checkNCSI background checkNCSI background check
Level 1 online courseLevel 2 online courseContinuing Education Credits
Level 1 instructional clinicLevel 2 instructional clinicLevel 3 instructional clinic
PCA "Double Goal Coach 1: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons" PCA "Double Goal Coach 2: Culture, Practice and Games"
How to Make Proper Contact online course*^ Concussion course

* Men’s coaches only
^ Requirement takes effect Feb. 1, 2014

Level 1

Level 1 is designed to introduce coaches to the responsibilities and philosophies of coaching and how to provide a safe and athlete-centered environment that emphasizes positive growth and sportsmanship. The Level 1 curriculum provides the tools to teach rules, basic individual skills, and basic team concepts to beginning players of all ages. This baseline training is relevant for all lacrosse coaches, regardless of experience.

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Level 2

Level 2 certification is tactically and practically focused. Coaches will receive detailed instruction on building the tactical elements of their team based on overarching principles for offense, defense and transition. The Level 2 curriculum is geared toward coaching players who have an understanding of the basic skills and objectives of the game. Coaches will also learn how practice planning fits into overall tactical objectives for their season.

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Level 3

Level 3 certification focuses on high-level tactical and practical skills. Coaches will receive detailed instruction on pregame preparation and tactics of the game. Coaches will also engage in critical thinking activities to build a higher lacrosse IQ for themselves and their team. The Level 3 curriculum is geared toward coaching players that have a deep understanding of the objectives of the game.

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