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Leadership Opportunities

Structural Overview

In January, 2010, the US Lacrosse Board of Directors unanimously approved significant changes to the organization's volunteer and staff structure. These changes were made to better position the organization to serve its 400,000 members in 67 regional chapters throughout 45 states, as well as provide greater national leadership.

The amended structure reduced the size of, but maintained the men's and women's game balance on, the Board of Directors. It also placed an operational emphasis, although not exclusively, on youth (U15) and high school play. And, it emphasized the importance of allocating greater investment in the coming years to support the US Lacrosse chapter structure and chapter development.

Additionally, in order to establish greater alignment throughout the organization, the Division Board and Council structures were replaced by 10 Board Committees -- Executive, Men's Game, Women's Game, Finance, Human Resources, Sport Development, Board Development, Regional Chapters, Sports Science and Safety, and Strategic Planning. The Men's and Women's Game Committees of the Board oversee constituent subcommittee structures.

The selection of volunteers for board, committee and subcommittee positions within US Lacrosse is based on an application process managed by the Board Development Committee. The goal of the volunteer application procedure is to foster a more inclusive process that enables US Lacrosse to benefit from a wider selection of candidates who support the organization's mission and are committed to the ongoing development of US Lacrosse.

The Board Development Committee (BDC) is charged with assessing current and anticipated needs for Board and Committee composition, and making nominee recommendations to the Board of Directors to ensure:

  • Men's and Women's game balance
  • Diversity (including race, age, socio-economic status and geography)
  • Appropriate youth game influence
  • Knowledge and skill areas needed to support organizational promotion
  • Consistency of volunteer attributes and abilities
  • Influence and access required to effectively lead the organization in the pursuit of its mission

The goal of the BDC is to develop a growing pool of applicants that can be considered for board, committee and subcommittee appointments each year based on the needs of the organization at that time. Board, committee and subcommittee terms begin on August 1st of each year, vary in duration from 1-3 years, and require meeting attendance and conference call participation several times each year, the transportation and accommodation costs for which are reimbursed by US Lacrosse.

Interested volunteers are encouraged to review the US Lacrosse Bylaws below to better understand the required commitment of service and apply for consideration using the form below if able to meet that commitment. Applicants not selected in a given year must re-submit an updated application each year to continue to be considered, to verify contact information, and to assure updated information. The Board Development Committee will review all applications submitted by April 1 of each year for volunteer openings starting on August 1 of that year, and the US Lacrosse Board of Directors will vote on BDC recommendations at its June meeting.


Apply Here

Your submitted application will reach Nancy Patrick, executive administrator to Steve Stenersen.
If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Nancy at 410-235-6882, #101 or npatrick@uslacrosse.org.