US Lacrosse
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  • Ariana Andis-Klein

    Ariana Andis-Klein

    Manager, Special Events
  • Michelle Bourdelais

    Director, Interactive Member Experience
  • Kyle Boyer

    Kyle Boyer

    Sr. Manager, Coaching Education Program
  • Liz Brush

    Liz Brush

    Manager, Women's Officials Education Program
  • TJ Buchanan

    TJ Buchanan

    Manager, Coaching Education Program
  • Sean Burns

    Online Editor, Lacrosse Magazine
  • Kyle Carnaggio

    Kyle Carnaggio

    Coordinator, Programs
  • Ann Kitt Carpenetti

    Ann Kitt Carpenetti

    VP, Lacrosse Operations
  • Susie Chase

    Susie Chase

    VP, US Lacrosse Foundation
  • Josh Christian

    Joshua Christian

    Sr. Dir, Sport Development
  • Michael Cochran

    Mike Cochran

    Sr. Manager, Eastern Regional Development
  • Lindsay Comodore

    Lindsay Comodore

    Sr. Manager, Western Regional Development
  • Melissa Coyne

    Melissa Coyne

    Director, Women's Game
  • Don Crowl

    Don Crowl

    Database Administrator
  • Matt DaSilva

    Matt DaSilva

  • Colette Dixon

    Sr. Manager, Advertising
  • Renee Egan

    Renee Egan

    Finance Administrator
  • Lane Errington

    Lane Errington

    Sr. Manager, Content Marketing
  • Colleen Evans

    Colleen Evans

    Manager, National Teams
  • Barbara Fairson

    Barbara Fairson

    Office Manager
  • Kristen Fiery

    Administrator, Processing
  • Joe Finn

    Joe Finn

    Archivist (Part-Time)
  • Deborah Franklin

    Debbie Franklin

    Sr. Manager, Donor and Prospect Relations
  • Ed Furlong

    Ed Furlong

    Network Administrator
  • Modyssey Gray

    Modyssey Gray

    Coordinator, Processing (Groups)
  • Bruce Griffin

    Director, Health and Sport Safety
  • Gail Adams

    Gail Adams

    Staff Accountant
  • Catherine Hoffberger

    Catherine Hoffberger

    Capital Campaign Manager
  • Mark Hogan

    Mark Hogan

    VP, Communications & Membership
  • Heather Hughes

    Heather Hughes

    Art Director, Marketing
  • Jamie Hunt

    Director, Development
  • Bob Javerbaum

    Bob Javerbaum

    Director, Finance
  • Don Crowl

    Chulsung Jeong

    Applications Developer
  • Monique Johnson

    Monique Johnson

    Member Service Rep
  • Melanie Kabia

    Director, Human Resources
  • Susan Kellam

    Susan Kellam

    Sr. Manager, Member Services
  • Steve Kirr

    Steve Kirr

    Director, Regional Development
  • Paul Krome

    Paul Krome

    Sr. Manager, Marketing
  • Ryan Larkum

    Northeast Regional Manager
  • Eboni Preston-Laurent

    Eboni Preston-Laurent

    Sr. Manager, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Wendell Lee

    Wendell Lee

    Director, Programs
  • Damany Leggett

    Member Service Rep
  • Lori Levinson

    Lori Levinson

    Administrator, US Lacrosse Foundation
  • April Logan

    April Logan

    Manager, Annual Fund
  • Ashleigh Logan

    Manager, Regional Development
  • Brian Logue

    Brian Logue

    Director, Communications
  • Bonnie Martino

    Bonnie Martino

    Executive Administrator, Operations
  • Brian McGettigan

    Brian McGettigan

    Manager, Men's Game
  • Corey McLaughlin

    Corey McLaughlin

    Deputy Editor, Lacrosse Magazine
  • Ginger Miles

    Pacific Regional Manager
  • Shannon Minter

    Shannon Minter

    Manager, Special Events
  • Cara Morris

    Cara Morris

    VP, Finance & Administration
  • Meghan Chaplick

    Meghan Chaplick

    Sr. Manager, Programs and Grants
  • Kira Muller

    Kira Muller

    Sr. Manager, US Lacrosse Foundation
  • Sara Noon

    Sara Noon

    Sr. Director, Membership
  • Charlie Obermayer

    Charlie Obermayer

    Sr. Manager, Officials Education Program
  • Gabriella O'Brien

    Gabriella O'Brien

    Art Director, Lacrosse Magazine
  • Andi O'Connor

    Manager, Membership (Groups & Leagues)
  • Paul Ohanian

    Paul Ohanian

    Manager, Marketing
  • Nancy Patrick

    Nancy Patrick

    Executive Administrator, Office of the President & CEO
  • Liz Piper

    Elizabeth Piper

    Manager, Women's Game
  • Beth Porreca

    Beth Porreca

    Director, Special Events
  • Dara Robbins

    Manager, Coaching Education Program
  • Kim Rogers

    Kim Rogers

    Sr. Manager, Special Events
  • Lauren Marron

    Lauren Rossi

    Coordinator, Special Events
  • Neil Savage

    Neil Savage

    Manager, Web Properties
  • Megan Schneider

    Staff Writer, Lacrosse Magazine
  • Bill Schoonmaker

    Bill Schoonmaker

    VP, Strategy & Business Development
  • Keith Scully

    Keith Scully

    Director, Strategic Partnerships
  • Erin Smith

    Director, Education and Training
  • Jimmy Spamer

    Jimmy Spamer

    Administrator, Database
  • Steve Stenersen

    Steve Stenersen

    President and CEO
  • Bill Tanton

    Bill Tanton

    Staff Writer (Part Time), Lacrosse Magazine
  • Nick Turelli

    Nick Turelli

    Manager, Sponsorship
  • Brian Turk

    Brian Turk

    Sr. Manager, Finance
  • Nicole Turner

    Member Service Rep
  • Betsy Weiss

    Betsy Weiss

    Administrator, Data Processing (Part Time)
  • James Wilson

    James Wilson

    Director, Information Technology