US Lacrosse
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Chapter Certification

Due by November 30

  1. Participation Survey
    Please complete via the template provided by USL.

Due by May 31

  1. Annual Chapter Board Report
    Submit an updated roster annually - Download Template
  2. Chapter By-Laws
    Submit a signed copy annually (President Only) - Download By-Laws
  3. Chapter Agreement
    Submit a signed copy annually (President Only) - Download Agreement
  4. Conflict of Interest Policy
    Must be completed and signed by all board members upon election - Download Form
  5. D&O Insuarance Policy Summary of Coverage
    Submit proof of coverage annually
  6. Tax Filing Documentation
    Submit IRS filing conformation or proof of IRS extension
  7. Financial Summary
    Submit annually - Download Template

Due by September 1

  1. Constituent Support Budget for 2015


Any questions regarding the new compliance deadlines may be directed to