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Grant Program

Chapter Grant Program

US Lacrosse annually provides grants to its chapters in order to assist with the funding of programs and services to support the growth of the sport in local areas. The first cycle of 2014 grants was awarded in the spring and a second round of grants was announced in the fall. US Lacrosse would like to thank all chapters that submitted grant applications for consideration during both application cycles.

US Lacrosse awarded 22 grants to support the local lacrosse development efforts of its regional chapters in the first 2014 cycle, and 13 additional grants during 2014's second cycle. These Chapter Grant Program awards are utilized for various local activities, ranging from coaching education clinics to youth participation events. Each chapter submitted its grant request based on locally-identified initiatives and priorities.

"Everyone at US Lacrosse is grateful for the selfless service that all the chapter volunteers provide throughout the country," said Steve Kirr, director of regional development at US Lacrosse. "The chapter grants provide much needed funding for programs and services that support the mission and vision of US Lacrosse."

2014 Grant Recipients
Cycle 1
2014 Grant Recipients
Cycle 2


Please contact Ashleigh Logan if you have any questions about the Chapter Grant Program at