For the final quarter of 2013, US Lacrosse is proud to recognize the Colorado Chapter of US Lacrosse, better known as the Colorado Lacrosse Foundation (CLF), for its tremendous support of lacrosse in the state of Colorado. The CLF is USL's 11th largest chapter with close to 13,000 members within its geographic footprint. The chapter has a very effective executive board, led by chapter president Amy Lane.

The Rocky Mountain Regional Lacrosse Convention has become one of the chapter’s marquee events. This year’s convention was held in early October, providing educational sessions to both coaches and parents. The chapter also incorporated an opportunity for players to attend through Fan Fest. Over 15 vendors attended, over 30 speakers presented and Bill Schoonmaker, US Lacrosse’s COO, was featured as the keynote.

In addition to the Rocky Mountain Regional Lacrosse Convention, the CLF also hosts an annual Hall of Fame event and a Benefit Dinner. In 2013, the Hall of Fame event honored three new inductees who joined the 38 current members. The inaugural Benefit Dinner was hosted by the chapter in March and raised over $2,000 to be used for the CLF Grant Program, which awards grants throughout the year to worthy lacrosse organizations.

The Colorado Chapter has shown dedicated support to US Lacrosse’s Coaching Education Program (CEP). In February 2013, the chapter hosted two Level 1 clinics and one Level 2 clinic. They have already scheduled a Level 1 clinic for spring 2014, and will be one of the first locations nationwide for a Level 3 clinic in February 2014. In addition to the instructional clinics, the chapter has been a strong proponent of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) by providing a PCA Parent Session at its convention and sponsoring CEP clinics with integrated PCA Double Goal Coach components.

The chapter has also consistently recognized high school players in their area through the creation of the Doc Stabler and Pam Bent awards. The Doc Stabler award is given to a senior student/athlete who is not only an outstanding lacrosse player, but has demonstrated academic excellence in the classroom, has displayed leadership abilities, has shown school and community involvement over and above the lacrosse field, and is considered to have overall superior personal characteristics. Similarly, the Pam Bent Award recognizes a high school senior girl lacrosse player who demonstrates not only exceptional skills on the field, but also exhibits exceptional leadership skills, character, academic excellence and involvement in her community.

We would be remiss to not recognize and express our gratitude to the CLF for their unparalleled assistance and support of the upcoming 2014 World Championships that US Lacrosse is hosting in Denver in July 2014. The lacrosse community in Colorado, including the chapter, has been an irreplaceable resource for US Lacrosse!


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