Level 2 certification is tactically and practically focused. Coaches will receive detailed instruction on building the tactical elements of their team based on overarching principles for offense, defense and transition. The Level 2 curriculum is geared toward coaching players who have an understanding of the basic skills and objectives of the game. Coaches will also learn how practice planning fits into overall tactical objectives for their season.

Coaches who hold a current Level 1 certification are eligible to progress to Level 2 certification, an exclusive credential that shows your dedication to being the best coach you can be.

Level 2 Certification Requirements Level 1 certification requirements plus
 US Lacrosse membership
 NCSI background check
 Level 2 online course
 Level 2 instructional clinic

Steps to Certification

Maintain a current US Lacrosse membership and NCSI background screening
A current membership and background screening maintains your Level 1 CEP certification and qualifies you to enroll in the Level 2 CEP certification program. The criminal background check is based on guidelines from the National Council for Youth Sports, the FBI PROTECT Act and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. FAQ

Note: If you currently have a background screening on record with NCSI, please view our instructions on sharing it with US Lacrosse.

Complete a Level 2 online course
The course is designed as a progression from the material presented in the Level 1 CEP certification program and, for coaches working with players who have mastered the basics of lacrosse. US Lacrosse members receive this course for $30.

Complete a Level 2 instructional clinic
Clinics are seven-hour, on-site, hands-on training sessions, available annually nationwide from October through March and at the US Lacrosse National Convention in January.


Once you complete all three components, you will receive an email stating your Level 2 certification is complete. If you reside in an area where certification is required, your certified coach card will follow via email.


Once you earn Level 2 certification, you do not need to recertify. To maintain your certification, you simply need to:

  1. Keep your membership current by renewing every year. You can find your expiration date in your US Lacrosse account .
  2. Renew your NCSI background screening every two years after the first screening. Not sure when to do this? Check your expiration date .