Mobile Coach gives you access to over 200 Men's and Women's Lacrosse drills, complete with diagrams and videos on your desktop computer, iPhone or Android device. Users can sort by skill level, gender, and even the skill they want to teach their players.

Coaches of all levels will benefit from US Lacrosse Mobile Coach, but it may be most assuring to part-time youth or high school coaches who balance the demands of full-time employment and parenthood. The software contains drill diagrams and explanations as well as video demonstrations and actual game footage that illustrate various concepts.

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US Lacrosse Mobile Coach


Please visit from a desktop computer and click on the register button. Enter your member number, birthdate, user id and password in the fields provided. Be sure to click the "existing account" button on the bottom of the page before submitting. This should take care of the issue you are experiencing.
If you need your account login information for an existing Mobile Coach account, please email
Please visit from a desktop computer and click on the register button. Enter your member number, birthdate, user id and password of your choice in the fields provided. Do not use special characters and or punctuation when creating the username and password credentials. We recommend using the same credentials as you have for your US Lacrosse account, to minimize the amount of usernames and passwords you have to remember.
US Lacrosse provides the app as a free member benefit. In order to ensure that you are a current member, a validation is performed on the initial set-up. Each time you log in after that, the validation is performed in the background, but does not require the initial set up to make it happen.
Mobile Coach technology is managed by a third party vendor and you must register with them. It is recommended that if you are creating a new account to use the same log-in credentials as your US Lacrosse account.
Mobile Coach was developed to work on any iOS (Apple) or Android based operating system. As with any technology you should always try to use the latest version of the operating system available for the device to ensure optimal performance of the app.
Certain web-content such as “flash” media is not compatible with all mobile devices. Please download the app for free from your respective app store.
Once you have created a plan, you must click on the “Share to Mobile” button on the practice plan page.
US Lacrosse is continually working on developing more content for Mobile Coach and you will see improvements on a near yearly basis.
Please send a .pdf file of the drill description to for review and possible inclusion in the next set of updates. Diagrams are also very helpful when sharing your ideas.
To create a practice plan you must be on and not your mobile device.
  1. Create a group in the User Setup Menu. Use a simple name such as your team mascot.
  2. Click “Create Practice Plan” and then name your plan (ie: April 24).
  3. From the drop down list, select which group you want to add the plan to.
  4. Click “Add Plan”
  5. Return to the main menu and click “Plans” and you will now be able to see your plans, select them, and edit them.

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