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THANK YOU - We have exceeded our Dream Drive goal of raising $32,220! We could not have done it without you.
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Grant wishes to the dreamers, big and small.

The “Road to the Rockies” for every U.S. Men’s National Team player had to start somewhere; most likely with his first stick and big dreams. For many others, the dream is more modest: a stick and team to call their own.

Your gift will provide aspiring and inspiring players the means to play in their community and for their country. For first year players and seasoned veterans, help their journeys begin with a donation to The Dream Drive in support of the First Stick Program and the U.S. Men’s National Team.

No dreamer is ever too small. The First Stick Program will grant stepping stones to players in two fledgling communities to realize their dreams of playing lacrosse for their schools, clubs or simply for the love of the game. Grants include free equipment, coaching education and a two-year partnership with US Lacrosse.

GOAL: $16,110

No dream is ever too big. The U.S. Men’s National Team enriches the lacrosse experience for everyone, developing world-class players on the field and ambassadors off the field. Help offset the cost of traveling to competitions, training weekends, clinics and meet-and-greets for the nation’s best mentors and role models, making them more accessible to inspire a new generation to pursue their lacrosse dreams.

GOAL: $16,110

Every gift helps, but consider this:


Equips a player with his or her first lacrosse stick


Fledgling teams awarded First Stick grants since 2012


Flies a U.S. National Team player to mentor at a local clinic


Kids mentored by a U.S. National Team player at a clinic in 2013


Players given the opportunity to play through First Stick grants since 2012


Equipment and resources awarded through First Stick since 2012

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Michael and Patricia Baccala
Henry and Dorothy Rosenberg
Philip and Aggy Chase
John Niewieroski
Hope Kerr
Liz Hlavacek
Barclay B Kass
Michael Cochran
Keith Scully
Megan Schneider
David Helton
Ralph Doering
Kimberly A. Rogers
Andrea C. O'Connor
Scott Steven Hugdahl
Robert Herrington
Rachel M Hannon
Modyssey Gray
Patti Doran
Andy Diviney
William Dawson
Joshua and Jody Christian
Susie Chase
Ariana Andis-Klein
Cecilia Usher
David Trieschman
Michael Evans
Peter Charron
Robert Burns
Rob and Missy Aldave
Gregory and Patricia Spero
Mary Herman and Angus King
Michelle and Aaron Flanery
Mr. Ernst Mahler
Thomas J. Kelley Jr
The Frank and Paula Zavrl Charitable Foundation
Dara Robbins
William and Nancy Lillis
Michael and Barbara Messere
Bill Schoonmaker
Mark Hogan
Melissa Ransdell
Jennifer and Michael Pierce
Perry and Joann Walter
Dr. Raymond Maturo and Ann Mulhern
David and Tracy Gritter
Marc Cutter
Ashleigh Logan
Frederic H. Poor, III
James and Sandra Guidera
Tim and Mary Jane Swenson
James and Shannon Constant
Philip Leichtle
Christine Ann Sailer
William Burch
Harvey and Marjorie Turkheimer
Thomas and Denise Russell
Gary Sundown
William and Joanne Smith
Ronald and Patricia Egan
Tom and Brenda Curnin
J. Richard and Diane Collins
Susan and Jim Benes
Lynn Hendrickson
Debbie and Henry Franklin
Tina Wildes
Robert E. Schaefer
Damien Larson
Penny Wilk Bloom
Nicholas Filocamo
Diane Wahlers and Annette Dettmann
The Liu Family
Michael and Christine Harrington
Rebecca and Richard Embrey
John Strabo
Frank and Lori Scrudato
Jeanne M. Rose
Andrew and Coleen Oleski
Donald and Sue Anne Loughlin
Joan and Steven Hart
Amie Dawson
Allen and Elizabeth Rider
Sandra and George O'Connell
Debbie Schwartzman
Laura Kittle and Jeremy Moser
Robert and Virginia Zink
Richard A. Rizk
Kristen and Todd Murray
Jane Miller
William and Hana Maroon
Kathleen and Jeffrey King
The Kelley Family
William Janes
Anna and Dieter Hugel
Paul and Susan Garavente
The Epner Family
David G. Behrhorst
Christopher Seigh
Justin Hodges and Michelle Nakamura
Rich and Patricia Harper
Kimberly and Ray Kolarik
Wendy Bongo
John Beckett
Victor and Molly Scomillio
Brian Holman
William and Christine Duffy
Judie G. Leutem
David Uhlfelder
Mark P. Daley
Priscilla and Charles Anderson
William Wallace
Eugene and Lena Corrigan
Robinson M. Bordley
Paula Aylward
William and Elizabeth Anderson
John Taylor
Lynne and Douglas Piper
Donald and Mary Tomasso
Edward MacMahon Jr.
Stephen and Johnine Byrne
Kyle Boyer
Charles Markell and Bonnie Marx-Markell
Yvette and Dan Romasko
Mary and Terry Deakle
Kevin and Judith Enders
Robert Becker
The Edward and Lucille Kimmel Foundation, Inc.
Jeff Ross
Mike Dodson
Paul Bergeron
David and Barbara Sharretts
Francis Pallone
Tracy Pasquantonio
Thomas and Theresa Pascucci
Mark Horstman and Melanie Rozell-Hortsman
Courtenay McGuckin
Pamela Ferguson
John Lesko
James Parolski and Eileen Moran
Carter Krzeminski
David Underwood Jr
Roger and Joanne Finck
Delverne Dressel
Stevan and Joyce Levy
Peter and Denise Warner
Tom Belshe
Marriott International
Michael and Anne Moretti
Louis Fusilli
Lisa Clark
Peter Tracy
Gerard Evans
Lucy and Gerry Crotty
Steven Blum
Nancy Webster
Elmer and Jeaneen Wingate
Jeff Barber
Paul Muller
Nancy Belisle
Ann Kitt Carpenetti
James Hunt
Ryan Hughes
Sue Metzheiser
Susie Chase
Cara Grimaldi
April Logan

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