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LaxSnax: The Official Fundraising Snack

LaxSnax Official Snack of US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse and LaxSnax

LaxSnax has been the official fundraising snack of US Lacrosse since February 2014. LaxSnax is a supporting sponsor of the US Lacrosse Convention, the US Lacrosse Regional Championships, powered by Lacrosse Unlimited, and the US Lacrosse U15 National Championships, powered by Lacrosse Unlimited.

LaxSnax provides members not only with a healthy snack for players, but also with a fundraising program that allows teams and leagues to realize additional resources.

Sell Your Face Off with LaxSnax

  • LaxSnax pistachio nuts come in four flavors that are great for lacrosse families on the go: Braveheart Bandito Lemon Lime, Man Up Roasted and Salted, Rip It Ranch, and Who’s Hot Habanero.
  • Coaches, program administrators or parents can order boxes of LaxSnax for $150 per box. Each box contains 50 bags of LaxSnax. One flavor per box, and shipping is free.
  • Players, coaches and family members sell the bags of LaxSnax for $5 each, resulting in $100 per box to the team or program to help purchase uniforms and equipment, fund travel, etc. The possibilities are limitless. For example, if a team of 30 players each sells 25 bags of each flavor, that team earns $6,000!
  • Coaches or program administrators can get started by visiting the LaxSnax Shop.

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Why Pistachio Nuts?

LaxSnax pistachio nuts are a healthy alternative to junk food. Pistachios are great source of protein, antioxidants and fiber. The roasting process keeps pistachios naturally free of trans fats. Pistachios also are low in calories while rich in various vitamins and minerals. LaxSnax pistachio nuts are good for your body, great for your team, and one shell of a snack!

  • LaxSnax Braveheart
  • LaxSnax Habanero
  • LaxSnax Man Up
  • LaxSnax Rip It

About LaxSnax

LaxSnax LLC is an Illinois snackfood company dedicated to lacrosse. Established in February 2014, our goal is to provide an easy way to raise funds for your team. Learn how to crack open an order at, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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