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How to Handle a Lawsuit

Bollinger Sports Insurance

If You Receive a Lawsuit or Legal Summons:

If you are involved in an incident which may give rise to a liability claim, or if you receive a legal summons, court document or a letter from an attorney as a result of such an incident, please report this information immediately to US Lacrosse’s Insurance Administrator, Bollinger.

Legal complaints are time-sensitive matters. Please do not delay in forwarding the liability claims information you receive to Bollinger, along with all supporting materials (newspaper or internet articles, police reports, etc.). Bollinger will report the claim to the liability insurance company, who will then contact you with information on the claims process and your legal representation.

Incident Reports: If you or your team is involved in an incident that may result in a future liability claim, please complete a US Lacrosse Incident Report Form.When to file an Incident Report:
  • If EMS has been called for an injured participant or spectator
  • In the event of any serious catastrophic or fatal injury occurring during a lacrosse activity
  • For serious damage to the property of others (in excess of $5,000)

Please keep one copy for your records and send the other copy to Bollinger.

Contact Information:

Bollinger Sports
P.O. Box 390
101 JFK Parkway
Short Hills, NJ 07078

Phone: 1-800-446-5311, Press #5 for Lacrosse
Fax: 1-973-921-2876