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2016 NFHS Boys' Lacrosse Rules Simply Stated

August 28, 2015    2391 Views
2016 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes Simply StatedThe NFHS published the rules changes for the 2016 boys’ lacrosse season. There were four major changes and five points of emphasis. Read More »

Sometimes It's Great to Be a Parent That Knows Nothing

August 27, 2015    1628 Views
Sometimes It's Great to be a Parent That Knows NothingMy son is playing a sport, golf, that I know very little about. That lack of knowledge is letting me, and him, enjoy the experience in ways that got me thinking. Read More »

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Youth Lacrosse Program

August 17, 2015    4371 Views
5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Youth Lacrosse ProgramReady to sign up your son or daughter for youth lacrosse this season? Consider these five key factors before deciding which program to align with. Read More »

Year-Round Lacrosse? Jordan Spieth’s Success Says Otherwise

August 13, 2015    4161 Views
Year-Round Lacrosse? Jordan Spieth’s Success Says OtherwiseSuperstar golfer Jordan Spieth is a great example of how multi-sport participation develops elite athletes. Take some time to enjoy other sports along with lacrosse. Read More »

What a Great Youth Lacrosse Game Looks Like (And Doesn’t)

August 10, 2015    4723 Views
What a Great Youth Lacrosse Game Looks Like (And Doesn’t)Even within one day of tournament play, it’s easy to spot a good youth lacrosse game from a bad one. Our resident official explores some of the telltale signs. Read More »

Are You Willing to Lose, to Win?

August 6, 2015    1873 Views
Milton Georgia Girls LacrosseIt’s gut check time, lacrosse coaches. Time to ask the questions that make us feel a little bit uncomfortable. Are you willing to lose, to win? Read More »

A Rule Maker’s Explanation for Shooting Space in Women’s Lacrosse

August 4, 2015    5349 Views
Shooting SpaceA member of the NFHS and USL rules committees provides a justification for the current obstruction of free space rule in women's lacrosse. Read More »

Youth to High School Lacrosse: 11 Tips for Making the Transition

July 29, 2015    4615 Views
Youth to High School Lacrosse: 11 Tips for Making the TransitionThe difference between youth and high school lacrosse can be dramatic, eye opening and stressful. Here’s some advice for players looking to make the jump. Read More »

10 Questions to Help Evaluate Your Child’s Lacrosse Camp Experience

July 17, 2015    2062 Views
Summer CampThese questions can help you to understand if your child had meaningful summer exposure to the sport. Read More »

How to Use the "Game Intensity Index" to Support Athlete Development

July 15, 2015    2825 Views
How the Game Intensity Index Can Help Your CoachingDo you struggle to find ways to get more kids, more touches each day? If so, it’s time to look at your Game Intensity Index (GII). Read More »

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