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The Fastest Game on Two Wheels

May 11, 2016    10473 Views

Wheelchair Lacrosse USA

Wheelchair Lacrosse provides players who have suffered spinal cord injuries with a chance to compete in a team sport. Read More »

Love the Game? Pay it Forward

March 17, 2016    2910 Views

Pay it Forward

One coach’s desire to give back to the game involves her high school players serving as mentors for local youth participants. Read More »

Team One Love Week Hits Baltimore, Oct. 12-18

October 12, 2015    2197 Views
One Love WeekTeam One Love Week, Oct. 12-18, will feature a number of special events in and around Baltimore. Read More »

How to Thrive Under Pressure: 3 Ways to Keep Nerves at Bay

September 1, 2015    6321 Views
How to Thrive Under Pressure: 3 Ways to Keep Nerves at BayStruggling with containing your nerves come game time? Use these strategies to become a more confident player when it counts. Read More »

Youth to High School Lacrosse: 11 Tips for Making the Transition

July 29, 2015    7812 Views
Youth to High School Lacrosse: 11 Tips for Making the TransitionThe difference between youth and high school lacrosse can be dramatic, eye opening and stressful. Here’s some advice for players looking to make the jump. Read More »

Should Lacrosse Parents Shake Hands Following the Game?

July 10, 2015    3616 Views
Spirit of the GameGiven their emotional investment in the game, maybe parents need some closure following the contest in order to move forward. Read More »

Empowering Players Through Adaptive Lacrosse

June 5, 2015    3741 Views
Adaptive LacrosseIntegration and inclusion of people with disabilities in lacrosse is one of US Lacrosse's strategic priorities. Read More »

Why Lacrosse Officials Prioritize the Blindside Hit Rule

June 2, 2015    5400 Views
Blindside HitsAs much as his "inner tough guy" once struggled with the blindside hit rule in youth and high school lacrosse, here's why our resident official now never hesitates to make the call. Read More »

What Causes Concussions in Lacrosse?

May 26, 2015    3060 Views
What Causes ConcussionResearch, partially sponsored by US Lacrosse, has looked at on-field injuries and which types of impacts lead to concussions. Read More »

'Keeper of Lacrosse’ Exemplified

May 1, 2015    1565 Views
Miles in MinnesotaMiles Thompson helps teach young players about honoring the game and its Native American roots. Read More »