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Women’s Headgear Standard Could Take Another Step Forward This Week

November 13, 2013    3792 Views
Women's HeadgearUS Lacrosse officials are in Jacksonville, Fla., this week for ASTM’s biannual meeting to discuss progress on a women’s headgear standard. Read More »

Welcome to the New

November 11, 2013    1672 Views
An introduction to the navigation and new features of the relaunched site. Read More »

30 Recruiting Questions You Should Be Asking

November 11, 2013    14944 Views
Making your college decision is a big deal. Before you commit to your next four years as a student-athlete, consider these off-field questions that will shape your college experience. Read More »

Being Involved—by Letting Go of Control

November 11, 2013    1919 Views
Sometimes, the key to success with young players is simply letting go of control. Wendell Lee explains why. Read More »

Confessions of a B-Team Mom

November 11, 2013    25954 Views
Resident lacrosse mom Erin Smith tells the story of her family's A-to-B team experience, and why they couldn't be happier. Read More »

Know Your Limits

November 11, 2013    1538 Views
Know Your Limits, Coaches Education ProgramGames suffer when officials overload on assignments. Go for quality over quantity. Read More »

Reactions to the U.S. Men's Training Roster

September 23, 2013    2318 Views
U.S. Men's Lacrosse Team Training RosterPlayers, coaches and media react to Tuesday's announcement of the 52-man U.S. Men's National Team training roster. Read More »

Earning Their Stripes

October 15, 2012    1410 Views

Lacrosse officials must be held accountable to meet national standards that are consistent with their critical role and responsibility.

Read More »

The Time Has Come to Remove Violent Collision from Men's Lacrosse

May 21, 2012    1266 Views

The issue of high speed collision in boys’ and men’s lacrosse is an immediate concern with respect to rule evolution and enforcement.  Lacrosse was never intended to be football with sticks, yet violent collisions of similar force regularly occur on the lacrosse field due to bigger, stronger, faster players…coaches who encourage big hits…and officials who either don’t feel empowered or refuse to enforce current rules.

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A Dubious Distinction

February 24, 2012    1232 Views

A recent NCAA survey indicates that the use of drugs and alcohol among men's and women's lacrosse players is excessive.  Why?

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