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What Motivates Your Child's Youth Coach?

May 5, 2011    1137 Views

The primary focus of every youth coach should always be what’s best for the positive development of each player on his team, and they should be expected to model appropriate behavior and represent high levels of personal integrity. 

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Parents Must Be Good Consumers

February 9, 2011    1141 Views

The most responsible youth lacrosse team, league and event models place the quality of experience of participants as the foundation of all decisions. 

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The Future of Headgear in Girls' Lacrosse

December 2, 2010    1593 Views

When a serious injury occurs in a particular sport, the nature of that sport is sometimes questioned or blamed, and that’s been the case lately in girls’ lacrosse.

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

October 10, 2010    1059 Views

As parents, we like to think that we know what’s best for our young athletes, but the truth is we need to do more listening than talking.

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Parents, Coaches & Injury Prevention

August 31, 2010    1116 Views

Teaching a sport correctly is the most fundamental way to minimize injury.

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World Championship Challenges & Achievements

July 21, 2010    1113 Views

Despite politics and controversy, England has done a wonderful job hosting the 2010 FIL Men's World Championship.

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Why Are Coaches and Leagues Allowing Younger Boys to Body Check?

June 13, 2010    1164 Views

The possibility that body contact may expose young lacrosse players to increased risk of serious injury is certainly worth careful reflection.

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An Unfathomable Tragedy

May 4, 2010    1087 Views

Yesterday morning, while daughter Audrey (12) and son Cole (10) were eating breakfast, I was overcome with emotion. I kept my back turned to them while I made their lunches, but they knew what was happening and why…it was a quiet kitchen for a few minutes.

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A Few Thoughts About Officiating

April 24, 2010    1047 Views

Officiating is much more than knowing the rules and blowing a's also about engaging and connecting with players, parents and coaches to remind them that officials are human, after all.

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Life is a State of Mind

April 5, 2010    1086 Views

Two stories of passion and perseverence from which we all can learn.

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