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How it Works: Illegal Body Checking Rule in Boys Lacrosse

October 13, 2015    5185 Views
Illegal Body Checking LacrosseWhat makes a check legal or illegal? Our resident official gives a point-by-point breakdown of the illegal body checking foul in boys lacrosse. Read More »

Team One Love Week Hits Baltimore, Oct. 12-18

October 12, 2015    716 Views
One Love WeekTeam One Love Week, Oct. 12-18, will feature a number of special events in and around Baltimore. Read More »

Gold Stick is a “No-Brainer”

October 9, 2015    1850 Views
Gold Stick ProgramWith 20 organizations nationwide currently working towards Gold Stick status, US Lacrosse is ready to broaden the pool by welcoming new applicants. Read More »

4 Ways to Maximize Your Fall Ball Lacrosse Experience

October 1, 2015    2728 Views
4 Ways to Maximize Your Fall Ball Lacrosse ExperienceFall ball brings news opportunities for players and coaches alike. Take advantage and get a leg up for the spring season, writes Ryan Boyle. Read More »

Coaching Education Helps One Program Continue to Thrive

September 30, 2015    1288 Views
Coaching Education ProgramHereford High School is one of the top public school lacrosse programs in Maryland. The local rec program has driven that success and has turned to the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program to continue to maintain that success. Read More »

How it Works: Cross-Checking Foul in Boys Lacrosse

September 25, 2015    3608 Views
How it Works: Cross-Checking Foul in Boys LacrosseOur resident official takes a deep dive into the cross-checking foul as part of our series on personal fouls in boys lacrosse. Read More »

How it Works: Tripping Rule in Boys Lacrosse

September 15, 2015    3653 Views
How it Works: Tripping Rule in Boys LacrosseOur resident official takes a deep dive into the slashing rule, a common personal foul in boys youth and high school lacrosse. Read More »

We Need Ace in the Hole

September 11, 2015    533 Views
Ace AdamsAs a true gentleman, Jim Adams proved, as both a player and a coach, that you don’t have to verbally assault officials to win. Read More »

Challenging the Status Quo for Player Development

September 10, 2015    1036 Views
Challenging the Status Quo of Player DevelopmentAthlete development isn’t about winning now, it’s about systematically giving athletes the tools they need to learn lacrosse better, enjoy lacrosse more, and stay in lacrosse longer, ultimately raising their level of play. Read More »

Social Media Do's and Don'ts for Youth Lacrosse Players

September 8, 2015    2826 Views
Social-Media-Dos-and-Donts-for-Youth-Lacrosse-PlayersSend the right message to your friends and followers — and yourself. Follow these tips to help your players manage the role of social media within your team’s culture. Read More »