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A Trip Through the Recruiting Cycle

June 10, 2016    8444 Views
wyatt naylorWyatt Naylor, a recent graduate of Glenelg Country School (Md.), completed a two-week internship with US Lacrosse earlier this spring. As part of his internship, he wrote about his experience with one of the hot topics affecting youth and high school lacrosse — early recruiting.

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Top 10 Questions on NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules

June 9, 2016    2789 Views
top 10 nfhs boys lacrosse rulesEach season the US Lacrosse Officials Education Program receives emails from coaches, players, parents, and officials on game situations wondering what the correct ruling is. Here are the top 10 questions from the 2016 season.

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Making the Fastest Game on Two Feet Faster

June 7, 2016    6296 Views
fastest game on two feetUS Lacrosse recently worked with the Mid-Penn League for their end of the season tournament in Mechanicsburg, Pa., to help experiment with small-sided games included in the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model in hopes of finding better ways to introduce the sport to young players.

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New Resource for Urban Programs

June 7, 2016    1937 Views

Urban Lax

New development guide offers helpful tips for coaches and administrators to utilize in establishing and growing urban programs. Read More »

Why Do I Volunteer?

June 6, 2016    2951 Views


Constant and humbling reminders of being part of something bigger make it all worthwhile for one volunteer. Read More »

Kick Start for Campbell

June 3, 2016    1637 Views
US Lacrosse First Stick Grant recipient Campbell HSNew Jersey high school girls' team fielded first varsity squad three years after receiving US Lacrosse First Stick Grant Read More »

Play On: From Parent to Official

June 3, 2016    5221 Views
US Lacrosse-certified official Tim BohdanOnce a scorekeeper for his son's games, Tim Bohdan used US Lacrosse resources to become a much-needed high school official Read More »

Is The Time Right?

June 1, 2016    2546 Views

ACSM Poster

Researchers in a US Lacrosse funded study about time commitments in youth lacrosse presented their findings at the ACSM annual meeting in Boston. Read More »

Soft Stick, Big Impact

June 1, 2016    3370 Views
US Lacrosse Soft-Stick Grant with Olivia Koch at Christina Seix Academy (N.J.)Young Olivia Koch has used a US Lacrosse grant to make a significant difference at a New Jersey school Read More »

Team 8. Play for More

May 26, 2016    7787 Views
Team 8The spirit of Jamie McHenry is kept alive through Team 8. Kate Leavell ran into the team at a recent tournament and was captivated. Read More »