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Three Rules for Dealing With On-Field Conflict in Lacrosse

October 28, 2014    9667 Views
Three Rules for Dealing With On-Field Conflict in LacrosseBelieve it or not, the job of a bouncer and the job of an official are remarkably similar. Use these simple rules to decrease escalated on-field incidents. Read More »

Keeping Lacrosse Consistently Safe: An Official’s Perspective

October 14, 2014    6896 Views
Keeping Lacrosse Consistently Safe: An Official’s PerspectiveShould refs pass on calls based on the score in a blowout game? Why aren’t the same penalties called from game to game? Our resident official gives perspective. Read More »

Lead with E’s: Lacrosse Officials Are Stewards of the Game

September 12, 2014    1358 Views
Lead with E’s: Lacrosse Officials Are Stewards of the GameOfficials don’t often look at themselves as leaders. Use the three E’s of leadership to cultivate empowered, enthusiastic and excellent lacrosse officials. Read More »

Couples Therapy: Counseling for Coaches and Officials

June 11, 2014    2268 Views
Couples Therapy: Counseling for Coaches and OfficialsThere are plenty of things you can do to make the coach-official relationship less fractious, which in turn makes game day more fun for everyone. Read More »

Can’t We All Get Along? 5 Ways to Avoid an In-Game Battle

April 10, 2014    2845 Views
5 ways to avoid an in game battleCoaching education expert Chris Snyder lays out five key points for coaches to keep in mind for their dealings with officials this season. Read More »

Consistency in Officiating: What Every Ref Needs to Know

March 4, 2014    2072 Views
Consistency of OfficiatingAs officials, consistency is one of the traits we should strive for. Here are some thoughts on consistency in our craft. Read More »

2014 Boys’ Lacrosse Rules: What You Need to Know

February 11, 2014    7158 Views
2014 Boys' Lacrosse Rules: What you need to knowWatch this year’s rules interpretation videos, as well as breakdown of the points of emphasis and major rules changes in the boys’ youth and high school game. Read More »

Grow the Game With Class and Respect

February 7, 2014    3130 Views
Grow the Game: Compete with ClassPlaying with class and respect on the lacrosse field is critical. But, what do these words really mean? Read More »

WSJ Cites Lacrosse Growth Amid Youth Sports Participation Decline

January 31, 2014    7901 Views
Wall Street Journal cites Lacrosse GrowthAn article published today on The Wall Street Journal shows the growth rate of lacrosse in the U.S. in sharp contrast with declining participation in other sports. Read More »

You’re Not Your Kid’s Agent: Putting the “Youth” Back in Youth Lacrosse

January 23, 2014    7050 Views
Putting Youth back in Youth LacrosseAtlanta-area official Gordon Corsetti asks lacrosse parents to put the “youth” back into “youth lacrosse.” Read More »

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