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Why Do I Volunteer?

June 6, 2016    3116 Views


Constant and humbling reminders of being part of something bigger make it all worthwhile for one volunteer. Read More »

Kick Start for Campbell

June 3, 2016    1752 Views
US Lacrosse First Stick Grant recipient Campbell HSNew Jersey high school girls' team fielded first varsity squad three years after receiving US Lacrosse First Stick Grant Read More »

Play On: From Parent to Official

June 3, 2016    5599 Views
US Lacrosse-certified official Tim BohdanOnce a scorekeeper for his son's games, Tim Bohdan used US Lacrosse resources to become a much-needed high school official Read More »

Is The Time Right?

June 1, 2016    2751 Views

ACSM Poster

Researchers in a US Lacrosse funded study about time commitments in youth lacrosse presented their findings at the ACSM annual meeting in Boston. Read More »

Soft Stick, Big Impact

June 1, 2016    3514 Views
US Lacrosse Soft-Stick Grant with Olivia Koch at Christina Seix Academy (N.J.)Young Olivia Koch has used a US Lacrosse grant to make a significant difference at a New Jersey school Read More »

Team 8. Play for More

May 26, 2016    8116 Views
Team 8The spirit of Jamie McHenry is kept alive through Team 8. Kate Leavell ran into the team at a recent tournament and was captivated. Read More »

Boston Cannons Serve as Adaptive Coaches

May 26, 2016    2587 Views


Cape Ann adaptive players received tips from some special guest coaches at one of their recent practices. Read More »

UWLX: A Chance to Leave a Legacy

May 25, 2016    4306 Views
Liz HoganTeam USA's Liz Hogan was a first-round pick of the Boston Storm in the inaugural United Women's Lacrosse League (UWLX) draft. She writes about the opportunity that the new pro league brings to women's lacrosse. Read More »

Can the Ball Make the Game Safer?

May 18, 2016    9384 Views
lacrosse ballsAn often-overlooked piece of equipment related to safety is the actual lacrosse ball. Original research in 2005 by Trey Crisco, a member of the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee, led to the development of a NOCSAE ball standard. In 2014, the NOCSAE standard became required for all games using NCAA/NFHS/USL rules. Now, the ball could be getting even safer. Read More »

Brain Targeted Teaching for Coaches: Evaluating Learning

May 17, 2016    1829 Views
Evaluating LearningAs coaches we are constantly evaluating athletes either formally or informally. They real key for an evaluation contributing to learning comes in what we do with the information we gain from the evaluations. Read More »