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Farewell Old Friend

May 12, 2016    4644 Views
USL staff photoAfter a quarter century of service to the sport, the US Lacrosse headquarters at 113 West University Parkway in Baltimore will soon be no more. The building, opened in 1991 for the Lacrosse Foundation (one of the organizations that merged to form US Lacrosse), has been a firsthand witness to the growth of the sport. Read More »

The Fastest Game on Two Wheels

May 11, 2016    10462 Views

Wheelchair Lacrosse USA

Wheelchair Lacrosse provides players who have suffered spinal cord injuries with a chance to compete in a team sport. Read More »

Stringing and Strategy: Making Them Intersect

May 10, 2016    6072 Views
Boyle Stringing BlogIf you could become an expert in only one of the following, which would it be: stringing a stick or diagramming X’s and O’s? A coach that understands how moving parts intersect is poised for success. Read More »

10 Reasons Coaching Will Improve Your Life

May 5, 2016    7784 Views
Coaching BlogHave you been hesitant to coach? Don't be. At the end of the season – you’ll never be the same. You will be a better, more enlightened and more passionate human being. Read More »

Nearly 5,000 Participate in Coaching Clinics

May 3, 2016    2641 Views
Coaching ClinicNearly 5,000 people participated in 98 US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program instructional clinics in this year's "clinic season." Read More »

Safety a Heady Issue

May 3, 2016    5539 Views
Research into women's lacrosse headgearUS Lacrosse VP Ann Carpenetti takes a look at the development of the women's lacrosse headgear performance standard Read More »

US Lacrosse On the Move

May 2, 2016    1526 Views
The new US Lacrosse HeadquartersSport's national governing body relocates to new facility May 16 Read More »

Athletic Passion is Gender Neutral

May 2, 2016    7165 Views

U19 Women

If we value the life lessons of sports, then we have to value it regardless of gender. Read More »

Parents Role in Success

April 27, 2016    20533 Views
Peter BidstrupPeter Bidstrup, head coach at The Governor's Academy (Mass.) shares his season-opening letter to parents. Read More »

Hit the Wall, Not the Weights

April 22, 2016    6560 Views
Erik AdamsonErik Adamson, a midfielder for the Denver Outlaws, offers advice for youth lacrosse players. Read More »