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Our Biggest Mistake: Talent Selection Over Talent Identification

August 29, 2014    10828 Views
Our Biggest Mistake: Talent Selection Over Talent IdentificationAmerican youth sports are far too often focused on talent selection, and not talent identification. Read these suggestions for changing the emphasis of youth sports. Read More »

Florida Girls Lacrosse Headgear Debate About More Than Safety

August 28, 2014    5973 Views
Florida Girls Lacrosse Headgear Debate About More Than SafetyThe debate surrounding the Florida high school women’s lacrosse headgear mandate is about much more than safety, writes NFHS rules chair Jay Watts. Read More »

Youth Lacrosse Coaches and the Cone of Silence

August 27, 2014    3055 Views
Youth Lacrosse Coaches and the Cone of SilenceWhat would you say to your team in the heat of the moment if you knew the whole world was listening? Here’s some advice from our resident parent. Read More »

Why Restoring a Boat Is Like Coaching a Lacrosse Team

August 22, 2014    1744 Views
Lacrosse CoachingFilling your players’ emotional tanks might be the single most important thing you can do as a lacrosse coach to improve your team. Here’s why. Read More »

Making Lacrosse Safer: Our Shared Responsibility

August 21, 2014    3125 Views
Making Lacrosse Safer: Our Shared ResponsibilityHow can lacrosse become a safer game and remain popular without losing its identity? It starts with how youth lacrosse is taught. Read More »

4 Critical Questions for Designing a More Effective Drill

August 20, 2014    2375 Views
Effective Lacrosse DrillsAre your young athletes getting overwhelmed with learning a new lacrosse skill? Use this thought process to break it down and achieve greater retention and results. Read More »

How to Match Your Lacrosse Stick to Fit Your Playing Style

August 19, 2014    7550 Views
Rabil head, pocket, shootersPlay to your strengths with right choice of head, pocket and shooters. MLL All-Star and former Team USA attackman Ryan Boyle shares tips on choosing your stick. Read More »

Coaching the Millennial: How to Sidestep the Generation Gap

August 18, 2014    2459 Views
Girl's Lacrosse Coaching MillennialsSome lacrosse coaches loathe Millennials’ yearning for affirmation. But the best coaches craft their style around the needs of their players. Read More »

National Youth Awards Nominations Due August 15

August 13, 2014    1726 Views
Youth Awards US LacrosseRecognize selfless contributors to the national growth of youth lacrosse from your community by nominating them for a US Lacrosse Youth Award. Read More »

Video Breakdown: New NFHS Stick Stringing Rules

August 12, 2014    6308 Views
New NFHS Stick Stringing RulesA look at the impact of the new NFHS stick stringing rules eliminating U and V strings, including a video breakdown from East Coast Dyes. Read More »

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