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Get on the Bus: Michigan High School Coaches Bound for LaxCon

November 18, 2015    3836 Views
Duke men's coach and LaxCon speaker John DanowskiChapter-sponsored trip to bring Michigan high school coaches to US Lacrosse Convention Read More »

U.S. U19 Men to Face The Hill Academy in Nov. 15 Exhibition at Ohio State

November 6, 2015    4118 Views
U.S. Men's U19 Exhibition Ohio StateThe U.S. Men’s U19 Team will culminate its fall training camp with a free exhibition game against The Hill Academy at Ohio State University on Nov. 15. Read More »

Why Great Lacrosse Attackers Play Like Zombies

November 3, 2015    5863 Views
Why Great Lacrosse Attackers Are Like ZombiesWant to become a more complete lacrosse attacker? Embrace your inner zombie and learn how to support your teammates on the re-defend. Read More »

Why Lacrosse Should Risk It Like REI

October 30, 2015    6682 Views
Should Lacrosse Risk It Like REIREI went outside the box by closing its stores on Black Friday. US Lacrosse is asking the lacrosse community to do some new thinking as it reimagines the youth lacrosse experience. Read More »

NCAA Report: Lacrosse is Fastest-Growing College Sport

October 30, 2015    15747 Views
NCAA Report: Lacrosse is Fastest-Growing College SportLacrosse is the fastest-growing college sport in the nation, according to the annual NCAA Sports Sponsorship and Participation Rates Report released Thursday. Read More »

Parents Aren't Ruining Youth Sports. We All Are.

October 28, 2015    7980 Views
Parents Youth LacrosseA Washington Post story states, "The number of children playing team sports is falling, with the experts blaming a parent-driven focus on elite travel clubs, specialization in one sport and pursuit of scholarships for hurting the country’s youth sports leagues.” What does this mean for lacrosse? Read More »

Inside the D-III Lacrosse Experience: Opportunities Abound Beyond D-I

October 15, 2015    5648 Views
The Real D-III Lacrosse Experience: Opportunities Abound Beyond D-IToo often, the recruiting conversation stops at Division I. We caught up with two coaches to get insight on common misconceptions of D-III lacrosse. Read More »

What If We Just Played Youth Lacrosse For Fun?

October 14, 2015    4954 Views
What If We Just Played Youth Lacrosse For Fun?For two Minnesota-based youth lacrosse teams who entered a summer tournament with championship aspirations, the third-place game ended up being even more memorable. Read More »

How it Works: Illegal Body Checking Rule in Boys Lacrosse

October 13, 2015    10233 Views
Illegal Body Checking LacrosseWhat makes a check legal or illegal? Our resident official gives a point-by-point breakdown of the illegal body checking foul in boys lacrosse. Read More »

Team One Love Week Hits Baltimore, Oct. 12-18

October 12, 2015    2193 Views
One Love WeekTeam One Love Week, Oct. 12-18, will feature a number of special events in and around Baltimore. Read More »