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US Lacrosse Has Allies in Reimagining Youth Sports

June 17, 2016    2322 Views
project playThe evaporation of recreational play, limited physical activity in low-income communities, concern about overuse and head injuries, the trend toward single-sport specialization and the lack of trained coaches were chief among topics May 17 at The Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit in Washington, D.C.

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Making the Fastest Game on Two Feet Faster

June 7, 2016    6494 Views
fastest game on two feetUS Lacrosse recently worked with the Mid-Penn League for their end of the season tournament in Mechanicsburg, Pa., to help experiment with small-sided games included in the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model in hopes of finding better ways to introduce the sport to young players.

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Kick Start for Campbell

June 3, 2016    1743 Views
US Lacrosse First Stick Grant recipient Campbell HSNew Jersey high school girls' team fielded first varsity squad three years after receiving US Lacrosse First Stick Grant Read More »

Play On: From Parent to Official

June 3, 2016    5582 Views
US Lacrosse-certified official Tim BohdanOnce a scorekeeper for his son's games, Tim Bohdan used US Lacrosse resources to become a much-needed high school official Read More »

Soft Stick, Big Impact

June 1, 2016    3507 Views
US Lacrosse Soft-Stick Grant with Olivia Koch at Christina Seix Academy (N.J.)Young Olivia Koch has used a US Lacrosse grant to make a significant difference at a New Jersey school Read More »

Can the Ball Make the Game Safer?

May 18, 2016    9348 Views
lacrosse ballsAn often-overlooked piece of equipment related to safety is the actual lacrosse ball. Original research in 2005 by Trey Crisco, a member of the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee, led to the development of a NOCSAE ball standard. In 2014, the NOCSAE standard became required for all games using NCAA/NFHS/USL rules. Now, the ball could be getting even safer. Read More »

Video Addresses Early Recruiting

May 12, 2016    4346 Views
kerstin kimelUS Lacrosse helped produce a new video for the IWLCA which features interviews with coaches, players, administrators and medical experts on the issues surrounding early recruiting. Read More »

Safety a Heady Issue

May 3, 2016    5538 Views
Research into women's lacrosse headgearUS Lacrosse VP Ann Carpenetti takes a look at the development of the women's lacrosse headgear performance standard Read More »

Learn to Play Aids Adults

April 22, 2016    6634 Views
Learn to PlayUS Lacrosse "Learn to Play" clinics are geared towards adults to give them a background to better help how to teach and understand the sport. Read More »

The Impact of Inclusion in Lacrosse

February 11, 2016    1804 Views

Impact of Inclusion

Lacrosse access and availability to as many kids as possible is part of the US Lacrosse mission. Read More »