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A Suggestion for the Loud Youth Coach

March 28, 2010    2326 Views

Kids learn best through experience and by making mistakes…not by being micromanaged through every pass.

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Assuring a Positive Culture & Game Integrity

March 15, 2010    2824 Views

The practice of knowingly including over-aged players on tournament teams is indefensible and illustrates the very worst of youth sports. Not only does it erode the integrity of athletic competition, it also violates the implied oath of all youth coaches to model the very best behavior for young and impressionable minds…and it jeopardizes the safety of players who are forced to play against more mature – and often larger – competition.

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Heads Up on Concussions

March 8, 2010    2641 Views

We know so much more about concussion injuries today, including the fact that a brain injury (which is really what a concussion is) can cause long term damage if not recognized and treated responsibly. Although the overall injury profile in both boys and girls lacrosse is favorable when compared to other sports, concussion remains a concern for lacrosse players.

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Coaching: Responsibility and Opportunity

March 1, 2010    2423 Views

Both in my capacity at US Lacrosse and as the parent of two young lacrosse players (who also play soccer and basketball), I’m often asked what I think is the most important aspect of a quality youth sports experience.  For me, it’s all about a coach who inspires my child, teaches correct fundamentals, and values players safety and fun above all else.

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