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30 Recruiting Questions You Should Be Asking

November 11, 2013    37632 Views

Lane Errington | @lane_errington

Congrats! You got your first letter from a college coach. Then a second, a third…you get the idea. It’s time to do your homework on which school is the best fit for you.

See what I did there? I said which school is the best fit for you. Not which coach, which style of play, not how many wins did they have last season—but which school will put you in the best situation to be successful on and off the lacrosse field in the short and long term.

You may love the fact that the starting long-stick midfielder just graduated and the position is open for the taking. But, if you can’t check at least some of the boxes below, you might find yourself wishing you did your homework.

Fear not! Our Men’s and Women’s Game Sub-Committees, as part of their new recruiting guides, put together this list of questions to help you decide.


  1. Is the school a fully accredited, highly-rated institution with a good academic reputation?
  2. Does the school offer my preferred major?
  3. Would I be able to get my degree in four years?
  4. Are my grades and test scores good enough to gain admission?
  5. Does the school fit with my academic ability?
  6. Does the athletics department provide an academic support program for student-athletes?
  7. Is the coach made aware of the student-athletes’ academic standing on a regular basis?
  8. Does the school/coaching staff have their own academic requirements to play, outside of the NCAA guidelines?
  9. Can I be a successful student and athlete in my preferred major?
  10. Does the school give student-athletes’ first choice for selecting classes?
  11. Does the coaching staff assist the student-athletes with forming class schedules?


  1. Would I get along with players currently on the team?
  2. Are sporting events like football and basketball games a big part of campus life?
  3. Does everyone stay on campus during the weekends?
  4. If lacrosse wasn’t in the picture, would I want to go to this school?
  5. Are there clubs on campus that interest me?
  6. Do students wear their school’s apparel with pride?
  7. Does the lacrosse team live together?
  8. Are there recreational facilities and programs offered by the school?
  9. Are lacrosse players permitted to take part in study abroad programs?
  10. Do my parents feel this is the best school for me?
  11. Is the size of the school the best fit for me?


  1. Is the school situation in a climate I like?
  2. Am I comfortable with the distance from home to where this school is located?
  3. Is this school located in an area that is desirable to me? (i.e., city, suburban, rural)
  4. Are the campus and city safe? Does the school have a low crime rate?
  5. Can I afford to travel home during breaks?
  6. Will my family and friends have an opportunity to watch me play?


  1. Does the athletic department offer assistance in helping me find a job after graduation?
  2. Does the school and/or lacrosse program have a strong alumni base?

There are tons of questions you’ll ask yourself as you go through the recruiting process. Don’t get me wrong, the on-field questions are hugely important. Just make sure you’re considering the full college experience before you sign that letter of intent.

Want more recruiting advice? Download the "So...You Want to Play Lacrosse in College" guide to assist with your recruiting process.

Which off-field recruiting question is most important to you? What other big questions do YOU want answered before signing that scholarship offer?

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