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16 Characteristics of a Complete Women’s Lacrosse Player

December 12, 2013    19701 Views

Lane Errington | @lane_errington

Complete Women's Lacrosse Player

The following post is adapted from the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program’s “Go-to Drills” manual for women’s lacrosse, written by Scott Biron, Kateri Linville and Janine Tucker. Purchase your copy at

The complete player is one who can hold her own on both sides of the field. She has a solid understanding of offensive and defensive skills, concepts and techniques. She is a player who can make an impact clearing the ball as well as in a ride.

Gone are the days where players are “stuck” on one side of the field or the other. Complete players are comfortable covering the entire field and are extremely versatile.

Characteristics of a Complete Player

  1. Athletic
    Speedy and quick.
  2. Tough
    Mentally and physically.
  3. Ambidextrous
    Equally strong with both hands.
  4. Balanced
    Balance equals body control.
  5. Coachable
    Respectful and eager to try new things.
  6. Student of the game
    Learns every day.
  7. Ambitious
    Never satisfied and always looking to improve.
  8. Fearless
    An aggressive decision-maker who’s not afraid to make mistakes.
  9. Inclusive
    Welcoming of new teammates.
  10. Healthy
    Conscientious about health and nutrition. Respects her body, and understands what it takes to perform at a physical peak on a consistent basis.
  11. Humble
    Values team success over individual success.
  12. Vocal
    Not afraid to express herself and get her teammates fired up. Understands the importance of communication on and off the field.
  13. Confident and self-assured
    Recognizes when she’s good, but knows that there’s always work to do.
  14. Fundamentally sound
    Understands the importance of being able to execute the fundamental skills—all the little things—well and consistently.
  15. Responsive
    Uses criticism, comments and feedback constructively. Makes changes rather than excuses.
  16. Courageous
    Not only has physical courage, but the moral courage to do the right things under challenging circumstances.

Each of the positions is important individually, but mean nothing individually. They’ll only be mastered within the scope of team play.

Ask yourself this question: “What is my job on this lacrosse team?”

At Hopkins, Coach Tucker looks for this answer: “To make my teammates look good.”

Embrace this concept—my job is make my teammates look good—and you’ll be on your way to developing into a complete team player.

What other characteristics would you use to describe the complete women’s lacrosse player? Let us know in the comments section.

Photo Credit: John Strohsacker

Go To Drills

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