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6 Snap Decisions for Attacking the Goal in a Numbers Situation

December 13, 2013    4431 Views

TJ Buchanan

Attacking the Goal

Here are six simple rules to teach your team to follow when they find themselves on offense with a clear numerical advantage (fast break). Think of this as a checklist to engrain in your players’ minds as you drill these situations in practice. As with any tactical component, they’ll be more prepared to make snap decisions in game situations.

  1. CARRY the ball until a defender commits to playing you. If the defense doesn’t come to play you, continue to the goal and shoot for net!
  2. PASS to an open teammate only once a defender commits to playing you.
  3. SPACING is key to making a defense with less players work harder and potentially make mistakes. Maintain good spacing so that one defender cannot cover two offensive players.
  4. MOVE without the ball to free up space and options for the player with the ball.
  5. LOOK for open teammates as you are coming down the field towards the goal. Quick and accurate passing is crucial to taking advantage of the numbers situation.
  6. SLOW the break down and work the ball behind the goal to run a “slow break” if there is not an immediate advantage.

Need a visual breakdown? Watch this quick video to help you break down the fundamental decisions involved on the fast break.

TJ Buchanan is the coaching education content manager at US Lacrosse. Suggest topics for future coaching blog posts in the comments section.

Photo Credit: Cecil Copeland

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