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Men’s Drill of the Month: Possession Boxes

February 20, 2014    5733 Views

TJ Buchanan | @usltjbuchanan

Men's Drill of the Month: Possession Boxes

Dirk Dewachter

The Possession Boxes drill focuses on working together as a team to maintain possession and to get clean, smart passes off under pressure.

Theme: Ball Movement
Field Positions: Offense, Defense, Midfield
Drill Style: Game, Conditioning
Time Needed: 15 minutes
Field Location: Midfield
Skill Level: Intermediate

Drill Possession Box


  • Begin with two boxes, 10-by-10 yards each lined up next to each other. You’ll need teams of four.
  • Start with four players in each box. One box needs possession of the ball.
  • The goal of the team with the ball is to keep possession. After every four completed passes, a defender enters.
  • The drill builds from there, 4-on-1 after four completed passes, 4-on-2 after another four completed passes, 4-on-3 and finally 4-on-4.
  • If there is a turnover, the players move to the other box and switch roles. The defenders become the attackers keeping possession and the attackers become the defenders who are added in after every fourth completed pass.


  • Maintaining possession
  • Ball movement
  • Passing lanes
  • Blocking and intercepting


  • Make the boxes bigger to give the attackers move space to use and the defenders more space to cover.
  • Include additional players or add in a neutral player that can play attack or defense in both boxes.

TJ Buchanan is the coaching education content manager at US Lacrosse. Suggest topics for future coaching blog posts in the comments section.

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