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3-on-3 on the Draw: What to Do With Your Roaming Midfielders

March 14, 2014    8002 Views

TJ Buchanan | @usltjbuchanan

3-on-3 on the Draw

Michelle Hutchins

A significant NCAA and US Lacrosse women’s rule change this year allows just three players per side on the draw. So what do you do with your now “free” midfielders?

  1. Put your slower, but very skilled shooter either behind the goal or at goal line extended. Look to get her a quick release from there toward the ball for a fast break. If you keep winning draws, the defender covering her will be forced to move to keep defensive balance in front of the goal and not allow the attacker a free cut into the 8-meter area.

    Diagram 1

  2. If you consistently lose draws, try keeping a defender back below the restraining line to limit fast breaks. You can’t have more than seven field players below the restraining line, so midfielders will need to be alert to avoid going offside.

    Diagram 2

  3. Keep a player away from the cluster that tends to form once the ball is drawn loose. Should your team come up with the ball, she’s your outlet for a 2-on-1 on the weak side.

    Diagram 3

TJ Buchanan is the coaching education content manager at US Lacrosse. Suggest topics for future coaching blog posts in the comments section.

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