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Take the Pledge to Compete with Class

March 26, 2014    5689 Views

Stephen Berger | sberger13

Take the Pledge to Compete with Class

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It’s that time of year, where every day of the week there is some lacrosse action going on.

After this fun winter season we have enjoyed in Baltimore and many other parts of the country, college games are now in full swing, high school teams are getting into their game schedules, youth lacrosse is finally getting on the field, and I am getting pumped for my MLL season that is right around the corner with the start of training camp next week.

With all of this happening, it gave me pause to reflect for a minute about how special the game really is to me.

The game of lacrosse has given me many opportunities and taught me valuable lessons throughout my playing career. I will have to say though, of all the things I have learned, the most important value I carry with me, on and off the field, is to “Compete with Class!”

What does that mean? It means playing hard but not dirty. It means respecting the game and your opponent. It means obeying the rules and not trying to intentionally injure other players.

Because good sportsmanship is so important to me, I have pledged to “Compete with Class and Honor the Game” this season. Will you join me?

US Lacrosse needs your help in raising the awareness of sportsmanship. Our “Compete With Class – Honor the Game” campaign is targeted for everybody, because everyone has a role in good sportsmanship. Players, coaches, officials, parents and fans – we’re all in this together.

Here are two things you can do today to join the sportsmanship movement:

  1. Take the online pledge to “Compete with Class” and “Honor the Game” and read about our vision at
  2. Share your photos and stories on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #competewithclass.

Stephen Berger serves as men’s game director at US Lacrosse and is entering his ninth season in Major League Lacrosse. He is a midfielder for the Boston Cannons.

Compete with Class Logo

Read more about the US Lacrosse “Compete with Class, Honor the Game” sportsmanship initiative, including ways you can help. You can also share examples of good sportsmanship on Twitter using hashtag #CompeteWithClass.

Take the Pledge

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