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Lacrosse Gaining Popularity in Chicago’s Inner-City

May 5, 2014    3623 Views

Paul Ohanian

Lacrosse Gaining Popularity in Chicago’s Inner-City

John Strohsacker

Justified or not, the sport of lacrosse has had to fight a longtime perception as being an elite sport played mainly by white, upper-class kids of privilege.

In an article written by John Keilman in The Chicago Tribune today, he acknowledges that the sport is among the nation’s fastest-growing, but he also contends that “the surge has mostly bypassed America's black and Hispanic neighborhoods, hampered by unfamiliarity, high cost and a reputation as being the pursuit of the privileged.”

Fortunately, many individuals and organizations, including US Lacrosse, are working hard to change this image, and Keilman’s article highlights some real progress being made in Chicago’s inner city.

"We really want to get over that concept that lacrosse is a white, elite sport because we understand as former players and coaches that it's for everyone," said Eboni Preston, senior manager for diversity and inclusion at US Lacrosse.

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