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National Youth Awards Nominations Due August 15

August 13, 2014    3218 Views

By Paul Ohanian

Youth Awards US Lacrosse

Peyton Williams

We all know them. They’re all around us. They’re the people who volunteer their time to make the youth lacrosse experience better for others.

Some are coaches. Some are officials. Some are administrators. In many cases, they have their own kids playing. In some cases, they do not.

Their involvement may have started because a volunteer was needed when their son or daughter joined the team. The league was shorthanded, and they’re the type of person who says, “Sure, I’ll help out.”

But in many cases, those days are now past. Their own child has moved along, but that willing volunteer is still in place. He or she is now coaching your son, or officiating your daughter’s game, or selflessly coordinating the league’s operations.

It’s the dedication of these individuals, all around the country, that has been the driving force behind the successful growth of youth lacrosse. And US Lacrosse wants to recognize these individuals for their ongoing contributions to the game.

That’s the purpose of the US Lacrosse Youth Awards, presented annually at the US Lacrosse National Convention, to these worthy contributors across multiple areas of service.

There are nine categories available for nomination, including:

  • Outstanding Contribution to the Youth Game
  • Youth Girls’ Coach of the Year
  • Youth Boys’ Coach of the Year
  • Program Administrator of the Year
  • Outstanding Youth Girls’ Official
  • Outstanding Youth Boys’ Official
  • Excellence in Growing the Game
  • One for All Award
  • Founders’ Circle

It’s about honoring those who make a difference. To read more about the award categories or submit an online nomination, visit our youth awards page.

Please act quickly. Nominations close this Friday, August 15.

US Lacrosse

We envision a future which offers people everywhere the opportunity to discover, learn, participate in, enjoy, and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience. Submit nominations on behalf of those who are making a difference in your community for our national youth awards by Friday, August 15.

Submit a Nomination

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