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Too Busy for Wall Ball? These Pro Lacrosse Stars Aren’t

August 14, 2014    9924 Views

By Lane Errington | @lane_errington

Kyle Harrison Wall ball

The Lacrosse Network

Between practice, summer league games, and tournament, you might not think you have enough time to hit the wall. As you tune in to Saturday’s MLL semifinals, keep in mind that each of these professional players dedicates countless hours to perfecting their craft by hitting the wall. Here are some videos that break down wall ball routines you can try at home, and don’t forget to try out our recommended routine.

Kyle Harrison

As the Ohio Machine gear up for their first MLL playoff appearance on Saturday in Denver, Team USA midfielder Kyle Harrison is still taking time to work the wall every day.

The Lacrosse Network followed Kyle through a typical game week in the new web series “Colin and Kyle,” launched on Tuesday.

Kyle’s wall ball routine is simple. Start with 10 minutes with your off-hand, then 10 minutes with your dominant hand, and repeat. Every day.

Paul Rabil

Despite undergoing season-ending foot surgery last week, 2014 FIL World Championships Outstanding Midfielder Paul Rabil is itching to get back on the wall. Here’s a quick look at Paul hitting the wall, courtesy of his new YouTube channel.

By the way, the surgery was successful and Paul’s recovery is moving right along.

Connor Martin

While he’s only played in one MLL game this year with the Ohio Machine, Connor Martin recently posted a great video detailing his 10-minute wall ball routine that he uses to get ready for games.

Connor starts by going righty and lefty 30 times each, focusing on one cradle, keeping the ball in the air and hitting the same spot each time (pick a brick). Next, he throws 30 quick-sticks with his right and left hand. Then its 30 Canadian lefty throws, followed by 30 one-handed passes with each hand. After that, he takes a step back and works on throwing out of the split dodge. Finish up Connor’s routine by spending a minute doing whatever gets you dialed in.

Looking for more wall ball tips? Colin from The Lacrosse Network has some quick-hitting pointers to jumpstart your routine.

How do you work the wall? Tell us about your wall ball routine in the comments section.

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