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Love the Game? Pay it Forward

March 17, 2016    2906 Views

Pay it Forward

One coach’s desire to give back to the game involves her high school players serving as mentors for local youth participants. Read More »

Snowy US Lacrosse Convention Opens in Baltimore

January 22, 2016    4688 Views

convention photo

Snow began falling on Friday afternoon in Baltimore, but that didn't stop the learning at the US Lacrosse National Convention. Read More »

A Personal Lacrosse Epiphany and Public Thank You

January 22, 2016    9212 Views

Girls' Official

Reflections from a former coach with a newfound appreciation for game officials. Read More »

Don’t Let a Missing CMP Leave You Vulnerable

December 17, 2015    1649 Views

Boys Lacrosse

Having a documented Concussion Management Plan could be one of the most important decisions your lacrosse organization will make. Read More »

Gold Stick is a “No-Brainer”

October 9, 2015    3163 Views
Gold Stick ProgramWith 20 organizations nationwide currently working towards Gold Stick status, US Lacrosse is ready to broaden the pool by welcoming new applicants. Read More »

How it Works: Tripping Rule in Boys Lacrosse

September 15, 2015    5370 Views
How it Works: Tripping Rule in Boys LacrosseOur resident official takes a deep dive into the slashing rule, a common personal foul in boys youth and high school lacrosse. Read More »

We Need Ace in the Hole

September 11, 2015    1441 Views
Ace AdamsAs a true gentleman, Jim Adams proved, as both a player and a coach, that you don’t have to verbally assault officials to win. Read More »

How to Thrive Under Pressure: 3 Ways to Keep Nerves at Bay

September 1, 2015    6316 Views
How to Thrive Under Pressure: 3 Ways to Keep Nerves at BayStruggling with containing your nerves come game time? Use these strategies to become a more confident player when it counts. Read More »

What a Great Youth Lacrosse Game Looks Like (And Doesn’t)

August 10, 2015    6686 Views
What a Great Youth Lacrosse Game Looks Like (And Doesn’t)Even within one day of tournament play, it’s easy to spot a good youth lacrosse game from a bad one. Our resident official explores some of the telltale signs. Read More »

Are You Willing to Lose, to Win?

August 6, 2015    3522 Views
Milton Georgia Girls LacrosseIt’s gut check time, lacrosse coaches. Time to ask the questions that make us feel a little bit uncomfortable. Are you willing to lose, to win? Read More »