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Stick Work Inside the Center Circle Drill [Women’s]

November 20, 2014    405 Views
Stick Work Inside the Center Circle Drill [Women’s] The Stick Work Inside the Center Circle Drill is a great warm-up drill that focuses on improving stick work and quick decision-making. Read More »

How to Strike Fast with the Slow Break [Drills]

November 14, 2014    2655 Views
How to Strike Fast with the Slow Break [Drills]Is your team moving right into settled offense after the fast break comes to a halt? Not so fast. Here's how to use the slow break for a quick strike. Read More »

Star Drill [Video]

November 6, 2014    3128 Views
Star Drill VideoThe Star Drill is great for working basic stick skills. It will improve your players’ ability to move the ball with patterned movements in a game-like setting. Read More »

How to Funnel Offensive Dodgers Away from Goal [Drills]

October 23, 2014    3801 Views
Lacrosse Funnel Drill Practice defensive positioning and forcing the ball carrier down the alley toward goal line extended with these drills for boys and girls. Read More »

Rock and Roll from X Drill [Video]

October 15, 2014    3770 Views
Rock and Roll Drill from XThe Rock and Roll from X drill teaches intermediate boys’ players to dodge around X, go from side to side, and find the 5-and-5 location at the top of the island. Read More »

Change of Direction Drill [Video]

October 15, 2014    4526 Views
Change of Direction Drill DiagramThe Change of Direction drill teaches boys’ and girls’ youth players to dodge, use footwork, and transition movements into a shot with time and space. Read More »

4 Critical Questions for Designing a More Effective Drill

August 20, 2014    2088 Views
Effective Lacrosse DrillsAre your young athletes getting overwhelmed with learning a new lacrosse skill? Use this thought process to break it down and achieve greater retention and results. Read More »

Run for Fun: How to Disguise Conditioning at Practice

May 2, 2014    3990 Views
Run for Fun, Conditioning LacrosseDisguise conditioning at practice with engaging, IQ-building skills. Read More »

Women’s Drill of the Month: Post Passing and Cutting

February 21, 2014    4541 Views
Post Passing and CuttingThe Post Passing and Cutting Drill focuses on decision-making, timing and direction of cuts, and is an excellent foundation drill for girls. Read More »

Men’s Drill of the Month: Possession Boxes

February 20, 2014    2773 Views
Men's Drill of the Month: Possession BoxesThe Possession Boxes drill focuses on working together as a team to maintain possession and to get clean, smart passes off under pressure. Read More »

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