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Men’s Lob-and-Dodge Drill [Video]

February 20, 2015    2075 Views
Men’s Lob-and-Dodge Drill [Video]The Lob-and-Dodge Drill develops footwork fundamentals for successful defense, focusing on approaching dodgers under control and in proper defensive position. Read More »

Women’s Inside-Out 1-on-1 Drill [Video]

February 20, 2015    1372 Views
Women’s Inside-Out 1-on-1 Drill [Video]Use the Inside-Out 1-on-1 Drill to practice defensive and offensive fundamentals in a rapid-fire setting. Includes video from the US Lacrosse Mobile Coach app. Read More »

Mastering the Not-So-Simple Art of Sliding

February 18, 2015    3818 Views
Mastering the Not-So-Simple Art of SlidingBefore installing slide packages and recovery patterns, focus on these fundamentals within your defense to get everyone sliding effectively and in unison. Read More »

Cross-Crease Finishing Drill [Video]

February 10, 2015    4374 Views
Cross-Crease Finishing DrillThe Cross-Crease Finishing Drill (with videos for men’s and women’s game) teaches your players how to catch the ball in the midfield area and shoot on the run. Read More »

5-Yard Scoop Drill [Video]

January 30, 2015    4037 Views
5-Yard Scoop Drill The 5-Yard Scoop Drill teaches players the basics of ground ball pickups by doing repetitive scoops down the field. Read More »

Meatloaf Passing and Ground Ball Drill [Video]

December 10, 2014    9713 Views
Meatloaf Passing and Ground Ball DrillUse the Meatloaf Passing Drill to help your players improve passing and catching on the run with both hands, while involving your entire team. Read More »

Stick Work Inside the Center Circle Drill [Women’s]

November 20, 2014    6770 Views
Stick Work Inside the Center Circle Drill [Women’s] The Stick Work Inside the Center Circle Drill is a great warm-up drill that focuses on improving stick work and quick decision-making. Read More »

How to Strike Fast with the Slow Break [Drills]

November 14, 2014    9682 Views
How to Strike Fast with the Slow Break [Drills]Is your team moving right into settled offense after the fast break comes to a halt? Not so fast. Here's how to use the slow break for a quick strike. Read More »

Star Drill [Video]

November 6, 2014    8682 Views
Star Drill VideoThe Star Drill is great for working basic stick skills. It will improve your players’ ability to move the ball with patterned movements in a game-like setting. Read More »

How to Funnel Offensive Dodgers Away from Goal [Drills]

October 23, 2014    9548 Views
Lacrosse Funnel Drill Practice defensive positioning and forcing the ball carrier down the alley toward goal line extended with these drills for boys and girls. Read More »

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