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Build Good Habits With the "Shooting Over the Goal" Drill

April 17, 2015    1721 Views
Build Good Habits With the Shooting Over the Goal DrillTeach your youth and high school players proper mechanics to become better shooters with the Shooting Over the Goal Drill, presented at US Lacrosse Convention. Read More »

Top-and-Bottom Give-and-Go Drill [Video]

April 16, 2015    655 Views
Top-and-Bottom Give-and-Go Drill [Video]Teach your players the basics of the give-and-go play in a high-repetition drill environment. Watch this video, courtesy of the US Lacrosse Mobile Coach App. Read More »

3 Keys to Developing Efficient Inside Shooters (Plus Drills)

March 23, 2015    4267 Views
3 Keys (Plus Drills) to Developing Efficient Inside ShootersSome people think finishers just have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. But it takes practice to become a prolific inside scorer. Read More »

Defensive Transition Retreat Drill [Video]

March 17, 2015    2130 Views
Defensive Transition Retreat DrillTeach your defenders to get back in the zone ahead of their players and the ball to prevent the fast break with the Defensive Transition Retreat Drill. Read More »

Video: Dodge and Crease Picking Drills [Men's]

March 4, 2015    2901 Views
Video: Dodge and Crease Picking Drills [Men's]Use these Dodge and Crease Picking Drills to teach your players how to practice feeding out a dodge, off-ball movement and basic offensive tactical concepts. Read More »

Men’s Lob-and-Dodge Drill [Video]

February 20, 2015    4165 Views
Men’s Lob-and-Dodge Drill [Video]The Lob-and-Dodge Drill develops footwork fundamentals for successful defense, focusing on approaching dodgers under control and in proper defensive position. Read More »

Women’s Inside-Out 1-on-1 Drill [Video]

February 20, 2015    3533 Views
Women’s Inside-Out 1-on-1 Drill [Video]Use the Inside-Out 1-on-1 Drill to practice defensive and offensive fundamentals in a rapid-fire setting. Includes video from the US Lacrosse Mobile Coach app. Read More »

Mastering the Not-So-Simple Art of Sliding

February 18, 2015    9933 Views
Mastering the Not-So-Simple Art of SlidingBefore installing slide packages and recovery patterns, focus on these fundamentals within your defense to get everyone sliding effectively and in unison. Read More »

Cross-Crease Finishing Drill [Video]

February 10, 2015    6268 Views
Cross-Crease Finishing DrillThe Cross-Crease Finishing Drill (with videos for men’s and women’s game) teaches your players how to catch the ball in the midfield area and shoot on the run. Read More »

5-Yard Scoop Drill [Video]

January 30, 2015    5410 Views
5-Yard Scoop Drill The 5-Yard Scoop Drill teaches players the basics of ground ball pickups by doing repetitive scoops down the field. Read More »

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