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Meatloaf Passing and Ground Ball Drill [Video]

December 10, 2014    3573 Views
Meatloaf Passing and Ground Ball DrillUse the Meatloaf Passing Drill to help your players improve passing and catching on the run with both hands, while involving your entire team. Read More »

How to Teach the 7 Spots on the Lacrosse Goalie “Shot Menu”

November 18, 2014    5982 Views
How to Teach the 7 Spots on the Lacrosse Goalie “Shot Menu”By deliberately working on making saves to these seven locations, your goalie will become conditioned to react appropriately and will be more successful. Read More »

Star Drill [Video]

November 6, 2014    4139 Views
Star Drill VideoThe Star Drill is great for working basic stick skills. It will improve your players’ ability to move the ball with patterned movements in a game-like setting. Read More »

4 Remedies for Your Motionless Lacrosse Offense

November 3, 2014    3427 Views
4 Remedies for Your Motionless Lacrosse OffenseWatching your players stand still on the field can be one of the most frustrating things to see. Here are four ideas to put the motion back in your offense. Read More »

Building the Modern Player: Low Man Wins

February 17, 2014    2138 Views
Building the Modern PlayerThe lower a player gets to the ground, the harder they are to knock off balance and the more leverage they have to do what they want. Read More »

In the Clear: Counter the Two-Down Ride with Deuces

January 21, 2014    3292 Views
In the clear: Two-down ride with deucesCounter the Two-Down Ride and jumpstart your way to fast break opportunities with the Deuces Clear. Read More »

5 Women’s Drills to Foster Competition in Practice

December 18, 2013    10646 Views
A huge part of creating a competitive practice environment is incorporating competition into your drills. These five drills will help you raise the bar. Read More »

Pride in the Ride: A Guide to Generating Extra Possessions

December 16, 2013    4545 Views
Guide to Generating Extra PossessionsMix up your riding schemes to generate extra possessions for your team and reward players for exemplary effort. Read More »

Wall-Ball: 20-Minute Stick Skills Challenge

December 3, 2013    20102 Views
Wall-Ball: 20 Minute Stick SkillsStick skills are the basis of everything you need to be successful in lacrosse. Use this wall ball routine to stay sharp. Read More »

Continuous 3-on-2 ‘Basketball’ Drill

December 2, 2013    3376 Views
Continuous Basketball Lacrosse Drill Coach ShrikWashington College coach Jeff Shirk’s ‘basketball’ drill promotes fast play in practice. Read More »

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