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Beginner’s Guide to Women’s Lacrosse Defensive Communication

February 20, 2015    3895 Views
Beginner’s Guide to Women’s Lacrosse Defensive CommunicationThe simple most important thing defenders can do for each other is communication. We break down the basics defensive buzz words to teach your defensive unit. Read More »

4 Definitive Styles of Modern Women’s Lacrosse Defenders

February 11, 2015    6824 Views
4 Definitive Styles of Modern Women’s Lacrosse Defenders Whether your goal is to be a shutdown defender, playmaker, quarterback or just rock solid, learn the skills necessary for becoming an effective modern defender. Read More »

14 Do’s and Don’t Evers of Checking in Women’s Lacrosse

October 20, 2014    11908 Views
14 Do's and Don't Evers of Checking in Women's LacrosseIf taught correctly and practiced often, effective checks can be game-changers. Follow these do's and don't evers to execute controlled, calculated checks. Read More »

College Lacrosse Coaches Sound Off on Multi-Sport Participation

March 12, 2014    60260 Views
Multi-Sport ParticipationWe asked five college coaches what sports their kids play, and how it has benefitted their overall youth or high school sports experience. Read More »

A College Coach’s Advice on Supporting Your Kid’s Team in a Positive Fashion

March 11, 2014    11027 Views
Supporting your kids team in a positive fashionJohns Hopkins women’s coach Janine Tucker offers tips for parents to engage positively in their child’s lacrosse experience. Read More »

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