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Parents Role in Success

April 27, 2016    20543 Views
Peter BidstrupPeter Bidstrup, head coach at The Governor's Academy (Mass.) shares his season-opening letter to parents. Read More »

Parents: Enjoy the Moment

March 24, 2016    178852 Views

Parents Enjoy the Ride

One day you’re going to get in the car with your kid’s water bottle that he left at home for the last time, that sour shoulder pads and cleat smell coming from the back seat...and then you are going to get in the car and you won’t ever be back again. Read More »

Parents: Talking About Diversity with Your Kids

March 2, 2016    2662 Views

Parent Tips

US Lacrosse offers five tips to help parents start a conversation about diversity and inclusion with their kids. Read More »

How it Works: Tripping Rule in Boys Lacrosse

September 15, 2015    5367 Views
How it Works: Tripping Rule in Boys LacrosseOur resident official takes a deep dive into the slashing rule, a common personal foul in boys youth and high school lacrosse. Read More »

Sometimes It's Great to Be a Parent That Knows Nothing

August 27, 2015    3565 Views
Sometimes It's Great to be a Parent That Knows NothingMy son is playing a sport, golf, that I know very little about. That lack of knowledge is letting me, and him, enjoy the experience in ways that got me thinking. Read More »

Year-Round Lacrosse? Jordan Spieth’s Success Says Otherwise

August 13, 2015    8974 Views
Year-Round Lacrosse? Jordan Spieth’s Success Says OtherwiseSuperstar golfer Jordan Spieth is a great example of how multi-sport participation develops elite athletes. Take some time to enjoy other sports along with lacrosse. Read More »

What a Great Youth Lacrosse Game Looks Like (And Doesn’t)

August 10, 2015    6686 Views
What a Great Youth Lacrosse Game Looks Like (And Doesn’t)Even within one day of tournament play, it’s easy to spot a good youth lacrosse game from a bad one. Our resident official explores some of the telltale signs. Read More »

10 Questions to Help Evaluate Your Child’s Lacrosse Camp Experience

July 17, 2015    3389 Views
Summer CampThese questions can help you to understand if your child had meaningful summer exposure to the sport. Read More »

Should Lacrosse Parents Shake Hands Following the Game?

July 10, 2015    3612 Views
Spirit of the GameGiven their emotional investment in the game, maybe parents need some closure following the contest in order to move forward. Read More »

Why You Should Let All the Kids Play When It Matters

May 11, 2015    7792 Views
Why You Should Let All the Kids Play—When It Matters Shouldn’t part of youth sports be giving kids the opportunity to take the last shot, to try and win a key faceoff, or to be on the field at the end of the game? Read More »