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What Really Matters in Player Development

February 10, 2016    5538 Views
Player DevelopmentTime is a powerful thing. The perspective that time brings can be even more powerful. Here's one parent's journey about what was important in his child's youth sports experience. Read More »

Challenging the Status Quo for Player Development

September 10, 2015    2130 Views
Challenging the Status Quo of Player DevelopmentAthlete development isn’t about winning now, it’s about systematically giving athletes the tools they need to learn lacrosse better, enjoy lacrosse more, and stay in lacrosse longer, ultimately raising their level of play. Read More »

Are You Willing to Lose, to Win?

August 6, 2015    3524 Views
Milton Georgia Girls LacrosseIt’s gut check time, lacrosse coaches. Time to ask the questions that make us feel a little bit uncomfortable. Are you willing to lose, to win? Read More »

How to Use the "Game Intensity Index" to Support Athlete Development

July 15, 2015    4327 Views
How the Game Intensity Index Can Help Your CoachingDo you struggle to find ways to get more kids, more touches each day? If so, it’s time to look at your Game Intensity Index (GII). Read More »

Why Youth Sports Needs a Development Zone

April 14, 2014    4826 Views
Why youth sports needs a development zoneYouth sports desperately needs a symbolic hedge to create a space in which participants grow, writes PCA’s Jim Thompson. Read More »