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Early Recruiting Realities: Poaching, Reversals, More Trends

February 23, 2015    4997 Views
Early Recruiting Realities: Poaching, Reversals, More TrendsDespite widespread objection, early recruiting is the new norm in college lacrosse. Ryan Boyle looks at some of the consequences of this trend. Read More »

Dealing with Recruiting Realities: 5 Takeaways for Parents

February 10, 2015    9957 Views
Dealing with Recruiting RealitiesThe recruiting calendar for college lacrosse moves up each year. What should you be doing? Read More »

A Look Inside the “Hybrid” Youth Lacrosse Program

December 16, 2014    8444 Views
A Look Inside the “Hybrid” Youth Lacrosse ProgramWhat if we found a middle ground between developmental rec programs and select travel programs? Here’s a look at a successful “hybrid” youth lacrosse program. Read More »

Dom Starsia: A (Second) Letter to Lacrosse Parents

November 25, 2014    49653 Views
Dom Starsia: A (Second) Letter to Lacrosse ParentsUniversity of Virginia head coach Dom Starsia shares his thoughts on the role of club lacrosse in player development. Read More »

Women’s Recruiting Survey: There’s Still Some Sanity

November 14, 2014    6928 Views
Women’s College Recruiting Survey: There’s Still Some SanityResults of a recent IWLCA recruiting survey support a refreshing reality for high school juniors and seniors who feel like their time has passed. Read More »

A Tale From the Recruiting Roulette Wheel

June 19, 2014    6309 Views
A Tale From the Recruiting Roulette WheelWith summer lacrosse tournament season in full swing, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy. Our resident youth sports parent provides perspective. Read More »

Straight to the Source: Women’s College Coaches Recruiting Survey

May 19, 2014    10709 Views
Women’s College Coaches Recruiting SurveyAn informal survey of college coaches on the where, what, who and how of the recruiting cycle. Read More »

A College Coach’s Advice on Supporting Your Kid’s Team in a Positive Fashion

March 11, 2014    10981 Views
Supporting your kids team in a positive fashionJohns Hopkins women’s coach Janine Tucker offers tips for parents to engage positively in their child’s lacrosse experience. Read More »

Beware the Recruiting Racket (And Those Who Profit From It)

March 5, 2014    18161 Views
Recruiting RacketAs lacrosse explodes nationally, lax moms and dads encounter more questions than answers. In the first of a seven-part series, we dig deeper into the recruiting racket. Read More »

Picking the Right Camp: 4 Big Questions

February 4, 2014    2500 Views
Picking the Right Lacrosse CampHere are four questions to consider as a family when choosing a camp or showcase for your prospect. Read More »

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