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Why Lacrosse Officials Prioritize the Blindside Hit Rule

June 2, 2015    2911 Views
Blindside HitsAs much as his "inner tough guy" once struggled with the blindside hit rule in youth and high school lacrosse, here's why our resident official now never hesitates to make the call. Read More »

Safety Over Everything: Accountability in Lacrosse Officiating

April 9, 2015    2213 Views
Safety Over Everything: Accountability in Lacrosse OfficiatingOfficials are at the game for safety first, then fairness. If the safety calls are made and neither team gets an unfair advantage, then the kids will have fun. Read More »

Give 'em a Break: Adjusting Parent Attitudes Toward Officials

April 3, 2015    2643 Views
Parent Behavior to OfficialsYouth sports safety involves parents working with coaches and officials to make the player experience better. Read More »

The Best Job in the World

March 16, 2015    5932 Views
National Athletic Trainers MonthAthletic trainers are medical professionals specifically trained to deal with any and all injuries associated with sports. Read More »

Don’t Give Us the New Ref! A Lacrosse Official’s Perspective

February 5, 2015    6382 Views
Don’t Give Us the New Ref! A Lacrosse Official’s PerspectiveNew doesn't automatically mean bad—it means new. Our resident official lays out reasonable expectations for youth lacrosse officials and parents this season. Read More »

8 Steps for Better Concussion Management in Lacrosse

January 27, 2015    7611 Views
8 Steps for Better Concussion Management in LacrosseBy now, you probably know the facts about concussion, but do you have a plan to deal with them when they happen? Follow our eight steps to get started. Read More »

US Lacrosse-Funded ACL Injury Prevention Program to Grow in 2015

December 8, 2014    12025 Views
US Lacrosse ACL injury preventionACL injury prevention programs should have at least three critical elements: dynamic warm-up, lower body and core strengthening, and neuromuscular control. Read More »

Making Lacrosse Safer: Our Shared Responsibility

August 21, 2014    4322 Views
Making Lacrosse Safer: Our Shared ResponsibilityHow can lacrosse become a safer game and remain popular without losing its identity? It starts with how youth lacrosse is taught. Read More »

Make Them Count: 6 Objectives for Every Youth Lacrosse Practice

February 27, 2014    8153 Views
6 Objectives for Every Youth Lacrosse PracticeUse these six guidelines to help keep practices safe, fair and fun for all of your players. Read More »

2014 Boys’ Lacrosse Rules: What You Need to Know

February 11, 2014    8328 Views
2014 Boys' Lacrosse Rules: What you need to knowWatch this year’s rules interpretation videos, as well as breakdown of the points of emphasis and major rules changes in the boys’ youth and high school game. Read More »

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