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20 Player Pointers for Maximizing the Summer Lacrosse Experience

June 17, 2014    5204 Views
20 Player Pointers for Maximizing the Summer Lacrosse ExperienceThese 20 pre-game, in-game and post-game tips for players will help youth and high school lacrosse players get the most of the summer lacrosse experience. Read More »

Beware the Recruiting Racket (And Those Who Profit From It)

March 5, 2014    19141 Views
Recruiting RacketAs lacrosse explodes nationally, lax moms and dads encounter more questions than answers. In the first of a seven-part series, we dig deeper into the recruiting racket. Read More »

Tournament Time: 5 Questions Parents Should Ask

November 22, 2013    8911 Views
Tournament Time 5 Questions Parents Should AskUS Lacrosse’s guide to navigating summer youth tournament options. Ask these five questions to ensure the best possible experience. Read More »

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