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Press Releases & News

Report: Most Youth Boys’ Lacrosse Injuries Are Lower Extremity

February 8, 2016    556 Views

Unified Field

Research study indicates most youth boys' lacrosse injuries are minor and do not involve extended participation time loss.

Read More »

US Lacrosse Response to USA Today Story on Women’s Lacrosse Concussions

June 17, 2015    3471 Views
headgearResearch data referenced was collected more than a decade ago, ignoring many changes in the game over the past 14 years. Read More »

Applications for Safety Research Grants Being Accepted

April 30, 2015    1689 Views
Research FundingUS Lacrosse seeks to support original scientific investigations to improve health and safety of participants. Read More »

US Lacrosse Creates Guidelines for a Concussion Management Plan

December 17, 2014    9504 Views
DescriptionEndorsed by USL's Sports Science and Safety Committee, the guidelines are designed to assist lacrosse teams and leagues in development of a CMP. Read More »

US Lacrosse Sports Medicine Symposium Open to All

December 8, 2014    6162 Views
DescriptionEvent will share the latest lacrosse-specific injury and prevention information. Read More »

Education at the Fore of National Campaign for Lacrosse

November 13, 2014    6673 Views
The National Campaign for Lacrosse US Lacrosse education and training programs will receive a boost from the National Lacrosse Center, with construction tentatively set to begin in 2015. Read More »

Women's Headgear Standard Prepares for Second Ballot

November 12, 2014    7334 Views
DescriptionCommittee members to make final edits at ASTM meeting Thursday. Read More »

US Lacrosse Statement on Florida Girls’ Headgear Mandate

September 29, 2014    10916 Views
US Lacrosse Statement on Florida Girls’ Headgear MandateUS Lacrosse has issued a statement in response to the women’s lacrosse headgear mandates approved today by the Florida High School Athletic Association. Read More »

Women’s Lacrosse Headgear Standard Goes to ASTM Vote

September 29, 2014    12293 Views
 Women’s Lacrosse Headgear Standard Goes to ASTM Vote In conjunction with US Lacrosse, the performance standard for women’s lacrosse headgear has gone to ballot among selected members of ASTM. Read More »

[Video] The National Campaign for Lacrosse

September 2, 2014    9113 Views
The National Campaign for LacrosseWe are inspired by America’s passion for lacrosse and challenged by the explosive growth of the sport. Learn more about The National Campaign for Lacrosse. Read More »

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