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Keeper of Lacrosse Project Launches

March 19, 2012    12800 Views

BALTIMORE, Mar. 19, 2012 – The US Lacrosse Foundation has launched the Keeper of Lacrosse Project, a grassroots cultural preservation campaign focused on protecting, celebrating and championing the values of lacrosse.

The Keeper of Lacrosse Project focuses on six core values critical to safeguarding the game for future generations. These values include the spirit of the game; tradition; the virtues of respect, honor and integrity; good sportsmanship; teamwork; and connection. 

The Keeper of Lacrosse Project promotes these core values to all lacrosse programs by providing free Keeper of Lacrosse kits to anyone interested in advancing these values, connecting lacrosse alumni with local programs and inspiring a movement across the country to ground today’s lacrosse programs in the roots of the sport. Since mid-January, the movement has steadily taken hold across the country, as more than 85 programs with 9000 participants in 26 states have endorsed the Project and received Keeper of Lacrosse kits, including coaches, parents, tournament directors, and National Lacrosse Hall of Fame members.

"As the sport grows and expands, it’s important for the lacrosse community to not lose sight of the values that built the foundation of our sport," said Kira Muller, associate director for alumni relations at US Lacrosse. "The Keeper of Lacrosse Project looks to instill these values in the current and next generation through interaction and information."

Those interested in furthering the Project can get involved by becoming a Keeper Crusader. This group of passionate lacrosse guardians will have the opportunity to educate and mentor future generations of lacrosse players, with action opportunities and resources provided by the Keeper of Lacrosse Project.

The Keeper of Lacrosse Project is a donor-supported initiative of the US Lacrosse Foundation. To learn more about the Keeper of Lacrosse Project, endorse the cause and become a Keeper of Lacrosse, please visit  

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