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USL Names Chapter Grant Recipients

January 20, 2012    12895 Views

BALTIMORE, Jan. 19, 2012 US Lacrosse has awarded a total of $50,000 in grants to support the local lacrosse development efforts of 29 of its chapters, the organization announced today. The chapters will utilize the grants on a range of activities, from coaching education clinics to scholastic physical education programs.

"We’re grateful to the thousands of members and donors of US Lacrosse for providing the resources to award these grants," said Lindsay Comodore, manager of chapter relations at US Lacrosse. "Our chapters represent the home of lacrosse at the local level, and it is through their work that the local or regional lacrosse experience continues to improve. We’re happy to direct these grants toward the chapters’ efforts to develop the sport."

In alphabetical order, the US Lacrosse chapters receiving grants and a brief description of the use of the grant:

The chapter is launching a girls’ lacrosse initiative to enhance the implementation of US Lacrosse programs with the purpose of doubling the number of girls playing lacrosse in the chapter over the next two years.

The chapter will provide instruction, including a US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program (CEP) clinic and a Positive Coaching Alliance workshop, to new and experienced participants, and will provide lacrosse education to participants at the annual Arizona Association of Health, PE, Recreation and Dance (AzAHPERD) Conference.

Central Pennsylvania
The chapter will host US Lacrosse CEP Level 1 clinics in York and in Hershey to train and educate coaches based on national standards.

The chapter will pilot a program to place field monitors on multi-game fields for youth girls’ lacrosse to serve as sideline managers, operations staff, and first aid providers when needed. The chapter also will help defray travel costs for attendees driving more than 60 miles to the US Lacrosse CEP Level 1 clinic in Denver.

The chapter will train and educate male and female coaches and officials at all levels of lacrosse.

Great Plains
The chapter will use the grant to help honor those who have given much to the growth of the game in the Kansas City area and to plan and execute a local professional development event for coaches, officials and administrators.

Greater Baltimore
The chapter will host a PCA workshop to educate and motivate local youth and high school coaches with the framework and philosophies of the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Greater Los Angeles
The chapter will expand its Youth Development PE Program to provide both instructional training and loaner equipment to other geographic areas within the chapter. The program introduces the US Lacrosse PE curriculum to elementary and middle schools in Los Angeles.

Greater Rochester
The chapter will work with the ROC-E6 program to support and enhance the boys’ youth program to create a feeder program for one of city’s high schools.

Hampton Roads
The chapter will host a US Lacrosse CEP Level 2 clinic.

The chapter will host US Lacrosse CEP Level 1 and Level 2 clinics and will promote lacrosse at the annual Children’s Festival in Houston.

The chapter will host a US Lacrosse CEP Level 1 clinic and continue introductions of the sport locally. "I Dare Ya Dad" is a springtime clinic that will introduce men to lacrosse who have never had the opportunity to play. "Learn Ladies’ Lacrosse" will introduce women’s lacrosse to those who are unfamiliar with the sport.

The chapter will host US Lacrosse CEP clinics.

The chapter will provide a scholarship for new coaches to attend the US Lacrosse National Convention, presented by Champion. The convention is the largest professional development and networking event in the lacrosse world.

The chapter will host US Lacrosse CEP clinics with the goal of certifying all lacrosse coaches in 2012.

New Hampshire
The chapter will host US Lacrosse CEP clinics in support of the New Hampshire Youth Lacrosse Association’s goal of having all head and assistant coaches certified as US Lacrosse Level 1 coaches by April 2012.

New Jersey South
The chapter grant will assist the development of the New Jersey coaches’ clinic, which offers multiple educational sessions to all boys’ youth and high school coaches.

North Coast Ohio
The chapter will host clinics for US Lacrosse coaches and officials and also will use the grant to promote donations to the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program.

North Texas
The chapter will use the grant to support the fifth annual Patriot Cup, an NCAA Division I lacrosse event at Cowboys Stadium that benefits the Wounded Warrior Foundation and exposes youth players to a higher level of lacrosse.

Northern California
The chapter will conduct its annual Nor Cal Lacrosse Convention and will host US Lacrosse CEP Level 1 and Level 2 clinics.

The chapter will host camps to help educate players, coaches and officials in the area.

The chapter will use the grant to support the growth of wheelchair lacrosse in the East and to host its annual hall of fame and high school all-star events. The chapter also will help new lacrosse programs get off the ground.

San Diego
The chapter will continue to host training events for youth coaches and officials, and it will work to have area youth coaches certified through Level 1 of the US Lacrosse CEP.

South Florida
The chapter will train new coaches and officials to support the growth of the game, as evidenced by the decision by three county school boards to sanction lacrosse as a varsity sport for boys and girls.

St. Louis, Missouri
The chapter will host a US Lacrosse CEP Level 1 clinic in St. Louis to train local coaches.

The chapter will use the grant to help develop and execute a strategic plan to grow lacrosse responsibly in the state, including the training of coaches and officials.

The chapter will host a US Lacrosse CEP Level 1 clinic and expand its efforts to certify coaches through Level 1 of the CEP.

The chapter will provide the resources for teams to hire athletic trainers to staff games in the state, where lacrosse is not yet sanctioned.

The chapter will promote the benefits of varsity lacrosse at the Wisconsin Athletic Directors Convention, following a successful US Lacrosse Fast Break Initiative session. The chapter also will continue to spread the US Lacrosse PE curriculum and equipment to local school districts.

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