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Scott Boyle Grant Recipients Announced

November 28, 2011    12951 Views

BALTIMORE, Nov. 22, 2011 – US Lacrosse named Brad Lapinski from the Alabama Lacrosse Officials Association and Dennis Jablonoski from the South Jersey Boys Lacrosse Officials Association the recipients of the 2011 Scott Boyle Memorial Observers Program Grant.

The program grant is designed to help develop young officials instead of simply evaluating them. As part of the program, experienced officials are trained in observation, evaluation and communication and then compensated to observe games officiated by newer officials. Each new official is observed at least twice in order to determine if he or she was able to implement the suggestions for improvement.

"Lacrosse in Alabama has been growing rapidly at all levels," said Lapinski. "Our hope is to see D-I programs in the Southeast Conference within five to 10 years. As such, there is a huge need for qualified officials. Our current core of officials ranges from high school students to ‘older statesman’ in their 50's. We have a growing of referees with two or three years experience who we need to build for the future. Our goal is to provide qualified, competent referees for every contest and the Scott Boyle Observer's Grant will allow us to take a huge step forward to do just that."

"Lacrosse is growing at an extremely rapid pace," said Jablonoski. "With that expansion there has been a call to increase the officiating ranks. The ‘honor the game’ mantra pertains to us all and it is our desire is to place competent, professional and properly trained officials on every youth lacrosse field. We humbly thank US Lacrosse for choosing us to help honor the legacy of Scott Boyle. It is in his memory that we will push forward and continue the mission of making the game better for everyone involved."

"With the help of Brad and Dennis, these emerging areas will have the opportunity to provide programs and services to their officials which will enhance the lacrosse experience for all involved," said Lucia Perfetti Clark, US Lacrosse manager of officials and umpire development. "The integrity of the sport is directly related to game safety, which officials play a primary role in preserving. These two areas are demonstrating a commitment to the mission of US Lacrosse and honoring the game."

US Lacrosse is accepting grant applications for the 2013 season from July 1 to October 15, 2012.

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