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WCLA All-Academic Team Named

May 17, 2011    14126 Views

BALTIMORE – US Lacrosse is pleased to announce the 2011 US Lacrosse Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA) All-Academic team. Each of these students was a player for a WCLA program and carries a grade point average of at least 3.7 on a 4.0 scale. A total of 135 players were honored this season.

The 2011 US Lacrosse WCLA All-Academic team:

Augustana College - Michelle Funk
Augustana College - Olga Blomberg
Augustana College - Molly Polka
Augustana College - Maja Zingmark
Augustana College - Danielle Rousakis
Boise State Univ - Michele Czosnowski
Boise State Univ - Lauren Garrett
Boston College - Meghan Goff
Boston College - Chelsea Hall
Boston College - Lauren Ortner
Butler University - Maddi Corry
Butler University - Elizabeth Erb
Butler University - Mary-Bridget Adkins
Butler University - Kelly Marie Borter
Butler University - Clare Hubbard
Butler University - Megan Chadwick
Butler University - Stephanie O’Brien
BYU - Anna Berne Collett
BYU - Carrie Westover
Chapman University - Miriam Alpert
Chapman University - Lauren Mah
Chapman University - Heather Silveira
Clemson Univ - Cassie Hammer
Colorado School of Mines - Jessica DeBlois
Colorado State University - Caroline Freyschlag
Colorado State University - Sarah Moyer
Darmouth College - Maddie Garcia
DePaul Univ - Tiffany Mark
Elon Univ - Chelsea Helms
Elon Univ - Sarah Martin
Elon Univ - Kaitlyn Antonelli
Elon Univ - Mary Savarese
Indiana Univ - Holly Morrow
Lake Forest College - Amelia Lawrence
Lake Forest College - Eileen Necomer
Lindenwood Univ - Christine Hehmeyer
Loyola Univ-Maryland - Erika Burns
Loyola Univ-Maryland - Erin Cawley
Loyola Univ-Maryland - Mary Colleen Cawley
Loyola Univ-Maryland - Emily Murphy
Michigan State Univ - Alyssa Fedorko
Ohio State - Monica Craigmile
Ohio State - Amy Trabold
Ohio State - Jessica Wright
Purdue - Lisa Olszewski
Saginaw Valley State University - Haley Schieberl
San Jose State - Tomoyo Yanase
Sonoma State University - Thanh-Tam Phan
Southern Methodist Univ - Meg Jones
Southern Methodist Univ - Caroline Stapleton
Stanford University - Isabel Greenfield
Stanford University - Ellora Israni
Stanford University - Anna Ponting
Stanford University - Amanda Rost
Towson Univ - Caitlin Enderle
Towson Univ - Elizabeth McIntosh
UC Davis - Molly Fensterwald
UC Davis - Jennifer Hofmann
UC Santa Barbara - Kelly Boyle
UC Santa Barbara - Sierra Centkowski
UC Santa Barbara - Megan Dawe
UC Santa Barbara - Rachel Lucas
UC Santa Barbara - Juliet Kellogg
UCLA - Isabel Angell
UCLA - Allison Steinberg
UCLA - Samantha Slama
UCLA - Allison Simpson
Univ of Arkansas - Katherine Strike
Univ of Arkansas - Kristin Kovach
Univ of Arkansas - Andrea Schenk
Univ of Arkansas - Rachel Albinson
Univ of Buffalo - Angeline Walker
Univ of Buffalo - Lyndsey Conway
Univ of Central Florida - Bethany Muni
Univ of Central Florida - Amber Jozwiak
Univ of Colorado - Molly Carstensen
Univ of Colorado - Rhyan Hirst
Univ of Colorado - Joanna Shea
Univ of Denver - Natalie Ball
Univ of Denver - Ellen Humbertson
Univ of Florida - Nicole Nadeau
Univ of Florida - Carly McMullen
Univ of Florida - Shannon McKenzie
Univ of Florida - Brooke Bal
Univ of Florida - Dana Sutherland
Univ of Florida - Karyan San Martano
Univ of Florida - Christine Waterhouse
Univ of Florida - Brittani Peck
Univ of Florida - Marissa Higgins
Univ of Georgia - Sarah Kane
Univ of Georgia - Melissa Moore
Univ of Mary Washington - Kandra Selby
Univ of Maryland - Courtney Calo
Univ of Maryland - Michelle Falcone
Univ of Maryland - Julia Benjamin
Univ of Maryland - Linda Rassenti
Univ of Maryland - Kelly Protzko
Univ of Maryland - Ariel Strumpf
Univ of Maryland - Shannon Kelly
Univ of Minn - Katherine Beck-Esmay
Univ of Minn - Haley Corradi
Univ of Minn - Andrea Corradi
Univ of Minn - Lindsay Lewis
Univ of Nevada-Reno - Alia Parker
Univ of Nevada-Reno - Lauren VanCitters
Univ of Nevada-Reno - Lyndsey Bohall
Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill - Mary Morgan Bitler
Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill - Mary Kennihan
Univ of Pittsburgh - Grace Gallagher
Univ of Pittsburgh - Brittany Whiteside
Univ of San Diego - Alanna Armstrong
Univ of San Diego - Tara Galvin
Univ of San Diego - Madeline Grose
Univ of San Diego - Stacy Langton
Univ of San Diego - Morgan Re
Univ of Texas - Kayla Rainey
Univ of Utah - Nancy Ann Little
Univ of Utah - Kathryn Tilloy
Univ of Utah - Haley Poulson
Univ of Virginia - Abby Buresh
Univ of Virginia - Mikayla Redding
Univ of Virginia - Grace Jackson
Univ of Virginia - Emma Dougherty
Univ of Wyoming - Jessie Michelle Irish
Univ of Wyoming - Jane Elizabeth Olsen
US Air Force Academy - Jamie LaRivee
Washington College - Caroline Gardner
Westminster College - Jasmin Alves
Westminster College - Carson Chambers
Westminster College - Chelsea Farrell
Westminster College - Erin Foslid
Westminster College - Sage Johnson
Westminster College - Alexandria Schweiger
Westminster College - Danielle Southworth
Whitman College - Krista Garrett

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