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Meet the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee

February 21, 2014    17440 Views

Paul Ohanian

Meet the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee


In 1999, US Lacrosse assembled a group of national- and world-renowned experts to comprise its Sports Science and Safety Committee. The committee’s goal is to utilize existing sports medicine literature, grow the body of lacrosse safety knowledge, and advise US Lacrosse and the lacrosse community on factors that may enhance the safety and quality of experience in the sport of lacrosse at all levels.

Led by this group, US Lacrosse has invested more than $500,000 in safety research and initiatives. Here’s a closer look at their credentials.

Margot Putukian

Margot Putukian, MD, FACSM (Chair)
Internal Medicine
Princeton (N.J.) University

Dr. Putukian is the director of athletic medicine and head team physician at Princeton. She’s a charter member and past president of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, also serves on the NFL’s Head, Neck & Spine Committee and works as a team physician for US Soccer and the U.S. men’s national lacrosse team.

Jackie Berning

Jackie Berning, Ph.D, RD
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

A full professor in the Department of Biology at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, Dr. Berning is a nutrition consultant for the Colorado Rockies baseball team, and has served in the same role previously with the Cleveland Indians, the NFL's Denver Broncos, the University of Colorado's athletics department and USA Swimming.

Shane Caswell

Shane Caswell, ATC, Ph.D
George Mason University

Dr. Caswell works primarily as a researcher at George Mason, where he is an associate professor of Athletic Training and Director of Sports Medicine Assessment, Research & Testing (SMART) Laboratory where he conducts injury prevention research aiming to improve youth and scholastic sport safety.

Trey Crisco

Trey Crisco, Ph.D.
Bio-Mechanical Engineering
Brown Med. School/Rhode Island Hospital

Dr. Crisco is a professor of Orthopedic Research at Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital. He has coached youth girls' lacrosse for the past 12 years and played lacrosse at the high school and college level.

Eugene Hong

Eugene Hong, MD
Sports Medicine
Drexel University College of Medicine

Dr. Hong is Chairman of the Department of Family, Community & Preventive Medicine and Chief of the Division of Sports Medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine. He is also the director of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Program at Hahnemann University Hospital.

Ruben Echemendia

Ruben Echemendia, Ph.D
National Academy of Neuropsychology (Pa.)

Dr. Echemendia is the director of the National Hockey League’s Neuropsychological Testing Program and chair of the NHL’s Concussion Working Group. He is also chair of Major League Soccer's concussion program and is the consulting clinical neuropsychologist to the US Soccer Federation and the U.S. Soccer National Teams.

Richard Ginsburg

Richard D. Ginsburg, Ph.D
Sport Psychology
MGH Sport Psychology (Mass.)

Dr. Ginsburg is the co-director of the MGH PACES Institute of Sport Psychology, director of the MGH Child and Adolescent Group Psychotherapy program, director of psychological services at the MGH Youth Concussion Clinic, and assistant clinical professor of the Harvard Medical School.

Richard Hinton

Richard Hinton, MD, MPH
Greater Chesapeake (Md.) Orthopedic

Dr. Hinton serves as director of the MedStar Sports Medicine Fellowship in Baltimore. He serves as the head team physician for the U.S. women’s national lacrosse team, as well as the head team physician for the Towson University men’s and women’s lacrosse teams.

Andy Lincoln

Andy Lincoln, Sc.D, MS
Health Policy/Public Health
MedStar (Md.) Research Institute

Dr. Lincoln is the director of the Sports Medicine Research Center for the MedStar Health Research Institute and research coordinator of the MedStar Sports Medicine Concussion Program. He specializes in the epidemiology and prevention of sports-related injuries and coordinates research activity for both the US Lacrosse Sports Science & Safety Committee and the NFL Cardiovascular Health Subcommittee.

Jeffery Mandak

Jeffrey S. Mandak, MD, FACC
Moffitt, Pease, Lim Cardiology Assoc. (Pa.)

Dr. Mandak is a cardiologist with the Fulton County Medical Center in Central Pennsylvania and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Prevention of cardiovascular disease has been a major focus of his clinical practice.

Douglas McKeag

Douglas McKeag, MD. MS, FACSM
Family Medicine
IU Center for Sports Medicine (Ind.)

Dr. McKeag serves as OneAmerica Professor Emeritus of Family And Preventive Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine. Like Putukian, McKeag is a past president and founder of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. He has served as a professional consultant to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Committee, New York Giants and the Indianapolis Colts, and was a team physician for the 2012 U.S. U19 men’s team that won gold in Turku, Finland.

Laura Darby McNally

Laura Darby McNally, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
NATA and Middlesex (Mass.) School

An athletic trainer at Middlesex (Mass.) School, McNally has previously served as head trainer of the both the U.S. men’s and women’s rowing teams as they competed in world championships in Italy, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Tasmania, and Austria. She was also a U.S. Olympic Committee trainer in the 1984 Olympics. the 1989 Olympicfest, and the 1987 and 1995 Pan Am Games.

Nina Walker
Nina Walker, MA, LAT, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Walker has primary clinical responsibilities with the men's lacrosse and men’s and women’s cross country/distance teams. She also serves as a clinical instructor for the UNC graduate and undergraduate athletic training programs, and was co-founder of the Lacrosse Athletic Trainers Society (LATS).

Paige Perriello

Paige D'A. Perriello, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville (Va.)

Dr. Perriello lives in her native Charlottesville. She graduated from Princeton, where she played field hockey and lacrosse. She is interested in general pediatric and adolescent medicine, with special interests in sports medicine/concussion management and newborn/breastfeeding issues.

Karen Sutton

Karen Sutton, MD
Yale New Haven Hospital

Dr. Sutton serves as the orthopedic physician for the U.S. women’s national lacrosse team. A former player at Duke University, she currently works as an attending physician at Yale New Haven Hospital and serves as an assistant professor at the Yale University School of Medicine.

US Lacrosse Foundation

Because of the support of US Lacrosse Foundation donors, US Lacrosse is a leader among national governing bodies in health and safety research and education for its athletes. The responsible growth of the sport depends on safety. Please consider a donation today.


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