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Sports Science and Safety Committee Announces Research Funding

February 28, 2014    16078 Views

Paul Ohanian

Sports Science and Safety Committee announces research funding

Greg Wall

BALTIMORE — Guided by the leadership of its Sports Science and Safety Committee, US Lacrosse is providing nearly $78,000 of its $185,000 annual research budget to support three studies during its first funding cycle for 2014. Additional funding grants are expected to be announced in coming months as the national governing body fulfills its research budget for the year.

Two of the studies in this initial cycle involve the measurement of head impacts for male and female players, while the third study will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of US Lacrosse’s Coaching Education Program (CEP) Level 1 certification for coaches.

“As the national governing body for men’s and women’s lacrosse, one of our highest organizational priorities is the advancement of player safety,” said Bruce Griffin, USL’s director of health and sport safety. “We anticipate that these studies will provide insightful scientific data that will help us better understand how rule changes affect player safety as well as the safety impact of our current skill teaching processes.”

Here’s a closer look at the studies being supported by US Lacrosse’s initial 2014 funding awards:

The first study, being conducted by George Mason (Va.) University, will use accelerometers to measure impact forces received by boys and girls high school players in practices and games. The data collected with the accelerometers will be compared to captured video to identify scenarios associated with high impact forces.

The second study is similar to the first in that it will also use accelerometers, matched when possible to video, to capture and document head impact forces. This study will focus on men’s and women’s collegiate players at Princeton (N.J.) University. The goal of the study is to identify concussion-related impacts for more detailed analysis, including impact severity, anatomical site of injury and injury mechanism. The 2014 funding covers Phase 2 of this study. US Lacrosse also provided research funding for Phase 1 of this study in 2013.

The third study, being conducted by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, seeks to develop an assessment tool to measure outcomes associated with US Lacrosse’s coaching certification for women’s lacrosse coaches. UNCG will include relevant statistical analysis in this Phase 1 assessment of the effectiveness of US Lacrosse’s CEP training on player safety. Phase 2 will evaluate CEP training effectiveness on player safety for men’s lacrosse coaches.

Formed in 1999, the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee takes a closer look at injury prevention and sports medicine issues involved with the game of lacrosse. Utilizing existing sports medicine literature and new research initiatives, the committee seeks to grow the body of lacrosse safety knowledge in order to objectively advise US Lacrosse and the lacrosse community on factors that may enhance the safety and quality of experience in the sport of lacrosse at all levels.

US Lacrosse Foundation

Because of the support of US Lacrosse Foundation donors, US Lacrosse is a leader among national governing bodies in health and safety research and education for its athletes. The responsible growth of the sport depends on safety. Please consider a donation today.


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