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LaxSnax Becomes Official Fundraising Snack

March 12, 2014    13857 Views

Paul Krome | @paulkrome

LaxSnax official lacrosse fundraising snack

BALTIMORE — US Lacrosse and LaxSnax today announced a sponsorship agreement that makes LaxSnax the official fundraising snack of US Lacrosse through 2015. LaxSnax also becomes a supporting sponsor of the US Lacrosse Convention, the US Lacrosse Regional Championships, powered by Lacrosse Unlimited, and the US Lacrosse U15 National Championships, powered by Lacrosse Unlimited.

LaxSnax produces and distributes pistachio nuts in four flavors, and its fundraising program will allow US Lacrosse member teams and leagues to sell these healthy snacks and raise funds for uniforms, equipment, travel, tournaments, etc.

“We remain focused on increasing the value of membership in US Lacrosse by building relationships with America’s premier brands, and we are thrilled to team up with LaxSnax,” said Rob Scherr, sponsorship manager at US Lacrosse. “The LaxSnax fundraising program will help teams provide a great experience for their players while providing a healthy alternative to junk food snacks.”

LaxSnax purchased space in the expo hall at the 2014 US Lacrosse National Convention, presented by Champion, where it got the chance to interact with more than 7,000 members of the lacrosse community.

“We loved being a part of the US Lacrosse National Convention and received great feedback from coaches and players alike,” said Pam Alfa, founder of LaxSnax. “No organization reaches the lacrosse community like US Lacrosse, and we are happy to align with the sport’s national governing body as a sponsor and fundraising provider for its teams.”

LaxSnax pistachio nuts come in four flavors: Braveheart Bandito Lemon Lime, Man Up Roasted and Salted, Rip It Ranch, and Who’s Hot Habanero. Coaches, program administrators or parents order boxes of LaxSnax from the company’s website, with free shipping. Each box contains 50 bags. Players, family and friends then sell the bags in the local community, realizing a $2 profit per bag.

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