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[Infographic] The Dream Drive Impact: First Stick and Team USA

April 3, 2014    12892 Views

Kira Muller | @kiramuller

The Dream Drive Impact: First Stick and Team USA

John Strohsacker

The premise is simple: Dreams have a way of changing lives, lifting spirits and building communities. The reality, however, is more complex: The dream cannot happen without the support of many.

Thanks to our donors, youth athletes looking for a team and stick to call their own, as well as those players representing the U.S. on the international stage, are moving closer to their lacrosse dreams.

The Dream Drive is a fundraising campaign to grant wishes to the dreamers: those who have the modest dream of a team and stick to call their own through the First Stick Program, to the hard-working, self-sacrificing athletes with a lofty desire to play for Team USA.

Help us turn dreams into reality for aspiring lacrosse players participating in the First Stick Program and inspiring players that comprise the U.S. Men’s National Team, who will compete in the biggest games of their lives this summer in Denver. With 58 days left, we need your support to raise $32,220 by May 31. We’re already 25% of the way to our goal!

Thank you for recognizing that “no dreamer is ever too small, no dream ever too big.” Here’s a look at the impact your support is making on the lacrosse community.

Infographic: The Dream Drive Impact

With just one gift, you have the power to help us change the lacrosse community one dream at a time.

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Grant wishes to the dreamers today with a donation to the Dream Drive. Looking for more info? Click the button below to watch videos with those who have been impacted by the First Stick Program and the U.S. National Teams Program, or to make your gift to the campaign.

Donate to the Dream Drive

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