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Chapter Grant Awards Announced

April 16, 2014    13330 Views

Paul Ohanian

Chapter Grant Awards Announced

Lee Weissman

BALTIMORE — US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, announced today that the organization has awarded 22 new grants to support the local lacrosse development efforts of its regional chapters. These awards, made through the Chapter Grant Program, will be utilized for various local activities that support the growth of the sport at the grassroots level. Each chapter submitted its grant request based on locally-identified initiatives and priorities.

“US Lacrosse is grateful for the selfless service of our local chapter leaders who are dedicated to the responsible growth of the sport,” said Steve Kirr, director of regional development at US Lacrosse. “The Chapter Grant Program provides financial assistance that fuels the implementation of key organizational initiatives that support the mission and vision of US Lacrosse in each region.”

US Lacrosse has 67 chapters nationwide that help deliver many of the programs and services offered by the organization. Each chapter has a leadership board that works in conjunction with the national office to identify local priorities and organize chapter and regional initiatives.

The awards outlined below are the first of two grant cycles in 2014. The second round of chapter grants for this year will make applications available to chapter leaders by July 15 and will have a submission deadline tentatively slated for August 15.

In alphabetical order, the US Lacrosse chapters receiving grants and a brief description of the use of the grant are below. Grants typically range from $500 to $2,000.

The chapter received two grants, with one targeted for the evaluation and training of game officials, and the second to be used in support of the Open Door Lacrosse program, a local organization that provides equipment and camp scholarships for those needing financial support to play the game.

The chapter will host Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Education Program (CEP) clinics.

The chapter received two grants in support of local efforts. The first grant will help subsidize costs for CEP Level 1 clinics. The second grant will help provide financial support to new boys’ and girls’ high school teams, mostly in the area in and around Louisville.

The chapter will be utilizing a grant to develop an officials training and certification program in conjunction with the local officials association.

Grant funding will be used to support a chapter team’s participation in the US Lacrosse National Tournament.

The chapter will host Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Education Program (CEP) clinics that provide training for new coaches.

The chapter will host introductory clinics for boys’ and girls’ youth players in Las Vegas and Reno, and is seeking to recruit local college players to serve as instructors.

The chapter received two grants. The first will be utilized to recruit and train new game officials. The second grant will provide financial support to the Stick To It organization, which introduces minorities to the sport of lacrosse through player clinics.

The chapter will use its grant to support its partnership effort with local men’s and women’s officials association to train, retain and evaluate game officials.

Funding will be used to assist in training for a deaf women’s official, primarily offsetting expenses to hire an interpreter.

The chapter will use grant funds to offset expenses for its annual rules interpretation clinic for youth coaches.

The chapter will use the funds to support start-up programs, primarily focused on expenses for equipment.

Funding will help support the development of a youth program in partnership with local parks and recreation efforts.

Funding will be used to support the chapter’s annual all-star games for boys’ and girls’ senior high school players.

Funding will be used to support and subsidize CEP clinics for area coaches.

The chapter will use grant funding to provide financial support for youth teams travelling to the US Lacrosse National Tournament and the US lacrosse U15 National Championship.

The chapter will use funding to provide four college scholarships for boys’ and girls’ players that have completed the most original and impactful community service projects.

Funding will be used to support chapter partnerships with boys’ and girls’ clubs and the YMCA to offer introductory clinics for underprivileged youth players.

The chapter will use funding to support an end-of-the season tournament for teams from throughout the state.

A second round of chapter grants will be offered in 2014, with applications available to chapter leaders by July 15 and submissions accepted through August 15.

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